I am going to Rome and I am bringing…

Posted on November 30, 2010


Dear Suitcase,
Rome is one week away and I have an empty room at my parents full of my stuff but these things have not found its way in said suitcase. I have an oversized snowboard bag that I can actually fit it but have not tried putting my things in it still…Who knew packing for 9 months would be so difficult. I have a lot of stuff but I am trying oh so hard to keep in mind the “less is more” idea. I suppose the weather is sort of like San Fran which is another place I have trouble dressing for. I promise that by the end of the week I will have my bags packed and leave my phone behind. Yes, I am surely addicted to my cell and I know that abandoning my handheld is a huge sacrifice! I will learn to live without it!But, luckily in exchange I get to take on two little boys (age 4 & 6), meet my new family, settle in my own room, and witness the rare beauty of another country.  Lets not forget all the amazing chow I get to enjoy. And the art. And the shoes. And the shops. And the architecture. And the people. And the language.  I cannot wait to share this experience through writing and photos. Cheers to this countdown!

Until then,


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