Many days behind!! December 7th-today…

Posted on December 13, 2010


Dear Airplanes, London and Rome,

December 7th was an unforgettable day! My mom and I arrive at the San Fran airport and she drops me off at exactly 3:00pm. I load up my rather large suitcase and huge board bag onto a smartcart. I hate that they call it smart cart I think that the “smart” ones are those that ask/pay for help! I put on my backpack and shove me carry-on somewhere between the cart and my luggage. Meanwhile, Mom is taking funny pics of me attempting to look cute and in control of the 80lbs+ stuff on my cart. We say good-bye and I push my awkward cart towards check-in. I tell my sweet mother I love her and keep going. Pushing up and down the maze of madness to the baggage check…I must look as ridiculous as I feel in this moment. If there is no one else in line why can’t you just walk up to the front!? There is confirmation in the ladies faces as I finally approach the counter. With their eyes rolling they watch me struggle to park the cart while my board bag slowly slides off…I finally check my two bags and look at the clock. Its only 3:07pm. I realize that I don’t have a watch on me so this is the start of my trip. Not knowing what time it is with no clock and not knowing what time it is due to the upcoming time change! Fantastic.

There is NO ONE in security so I walk straight through. The girl checking my passport and boarding pass looks at me. Looks at my pass. Looks at me and says, “check in for this flight is not til 7pm.” It is barely after 3. I ask her what I should do and she replies, “eat??” with a laugh. I continue through and make my way to the restroom. I come out and search for a clock. It is only 3:14!!! Frantic with no clock or phone I find a payphone. Who uses payphones anymore!? Four hours is a LONG time! Alone. No Phone. No laptop. Why Oh why did I check my laptop?? I find a pay phone and dial my mother for 50 cents. I need more change once she answers…ughh! $2 later she is only 2.2 miles away (thank God) She tells me she will come back and that she was trying to explain to me that she was trying to stay with me! One day I will listen better I know it! I walk back outside where she dropped me off. A few minutes later she pulls up. I get in laughing. What the hell are we doing? Lets go to Target?! Only the Breckes will find an excuse to shop. We drive down the street while I tell her about pushing the smart cart and sweating in my sweater dress! I did not enjoy it. We arrive at the 3 story Target in San Fran and find a new carry-on for me. $50 is nothing when you are traveling and want a.)more room b.) to walk like a normal person and c.) not look like such an american!

Back at the airport. 5:30pm. Holy huge airbus! I am sitting at Terminal A4 watching my large airplane come up. The people below look like tiny ants next to the monster plane! I am in envy of every person on their cellphone. This man in front of me has called three different people in 10 minutes. It has only been less than an hour without a cell…this will take some getting used to…am I there yet???

London Heathrow- December 8th

Waiting to board my plane to Rome. The long flight is over and I am getting that much closer to my new home. I wander through the London Airport and get a coffee and sandwich. Its $9.40. The cashier gives me back 40 pence. What am I going to do with this? I wish that my camera was closer! I see a guy with a bright blue tee that seriously says “I’m on a Boat!” yes, this is for you floor o’clock crew!! So wish I captured that moment- oh well believe me it made me smile.

I made it! The family finds me. I just walk through no problems. Can these boys be any cuter than I had imagined? Thick eyelashes and accents I fall for these kids! We struggle to get all three of my bags into the car plus the five of us. Its late almost 10pm by the time we get closer to home. No joke we stop at Mcdonalds. I can’t do it. I am not even hungry and I am so confused about what time it is I can’t think. My body is exhausted and can’t wait to lay down and rest. Shower then bed. I feel like I am dorm living again!! Small bed. Matching wood furnish and closets. Desk. Two lamps. I am Home. The boys come tell me “good-night” in their best english! aww melt.

December 9th. Its friday. I slept in but cannot sleep through the night. I wake up many times and toss and turn. Where is my mind? Visited the language school today. Sort of expensive but I have no idea what anyone is saying it is worth it! T came with and told me “good thing he will be teaching you italian because is english is BAD!” P.S. he was the director of the program! We laughed all day.

December 10th. First day with the entire family. We go for a drive to the “center of the center” of Rome. I am so in love with everything that I see. The old buildings and architecture is unreal. Books and photos do no justice. You have to see and feel this place to understand. Who is it that said when in Rome?? They were not messing around!

Oh! first REAL taste of Gelato today too!  Seriously the best thing I have ever had (dessert wise, so far) with fresh whip and a cookie. T says that the particular place we went, called Vice is “very special to Rome” meaning the very BEST.

Speaking of the best…I was about the shower and get ready for the day and told her I just wanted to wash my hair then we go out. She laughs and tells me,” no need to wash your hair. wear it curly. it looks great curly. I wash my hair 3x a week! No time just go.” I can get used to that…I hate wet cold hair! The need for more cute hats just increased by 7!

December 11. Dear Jet-lag,

Please let me get used to sleeping here in rome! Vitamins have helped but what else can I do!? Let me know..



December 12. Sunday Bloody Sunday- Got a map of Rome today for a gift. Forgot gift today when T and I took her motorcycle downtown. First day wandering alone you know me…I forgot my map. I did ok though and we found each other back by the bike just fine. I found many shoes I don’t need but want as well.

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