“Today we make a walk…”

Posted on December 14, 2010


Dear Parmigiano Reggiano,

This cheese is like what Americans like about string cheese for kids. This parmigiano comes in a “snack” bag and each piece is individually wrapped up and ready to shove in an eager mouth. It is super tasty it shuts me up that is for sure! Everytime that we go to the store the boys get a new brand. They love it. Thumbs down string cheese! I don’t think that string cheese exists here. No need there are aisles and aisles of different cheese.

Today the boys did not have school, some kind of holiday or voting day? Either way they were getting wild from being inside all day so “today we make a walk” for the boys to get out. We made a walk around and inside Saint Peters church. You don’t come to Rome to see places you come here to “feel” them. It is an astonishing sensation when you enter such a massive piece of work like Saint Peters. I can’t even try to explain  it and the photos I tried to take do no justice. I promise to go earlier in the day and perhaps the lighting will be more successful during morning hours.  Everyone must see this place to believe it. I cannot wait to see and feel more famous places around Rome.

It was a long day today and I am very tired. We made biscotti in the morning with too many sprinkles. We played puzzles, watched Magic English on Disney, built with wood sticks, played cards, and memory games. umm by the way my memory is terrible! They won every game and let me tell you how competitive the older is! These boys are so busy and full of energy I can’t believe they don’t nap anymore!

Last thing on my mind today: I don’t remember what really hot food is like anymore. Don’t get me wrong everything that I have had the pleasure of eating is super tasty but never hot. Those of you that know me well know that I like my food to burn my mouth hot! umm not here. By the time I am done helping the boys to sit, eat, spill the daily cup of water, my food is warm if I am lucky! No wonder the mom here is so skinny…makes sense. If I stay on this path I really will come home skinnier!! It is so much work feeding them and making sure they sit still I am not even as hungry as I thought. They do and say the funniest things all day I am definitely enjoying every moment with them. I am very blessed to know that this family has picked me and I can’t wait for each day.


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