21 choices of pasta? at this house??

Posted on December 15, 2010


Dear Music Collection,

High five for all the good music this couple has at this house! When I got up today the house was quiet til lunch. I put on some loud tunes and cleaned the kitchen. I was very happy to put on some Alicia Keyes and eat my breakfast then clean. Then it was in with Prince Greatest hits full volume please! Next was White Stripes. Then U2, The Doors and The Police. I glanced at their wedding party mix and they had some Notorious BIG, Eve, Ja Rule and Busta Ryhmes!! I love these people! Bob Marley, Madonna and Nirvana in the collection as well!? Fantastic! I am so easily impressed by people’s music selection.  It is more important than their shoes…You can tell a lot about someone by the shoes on their feet but music is very personal.

By the time lunch comes around (usually 1pm) I boil some water for some pasta and sugo (sauce). I literally have the choice between 21 different types of pasta to pick from! Not including the two 4 kilo boxes of pasta above the fridge! No one is home yet so I only make one serving size of some kind I can’t pronounce and snack on some parmigiano and read my book. I am curled up on the couch sitting in the sun with a medium sized bowl of pasta pretty pleased with myself when the family gets home. I feel like I just peaked at my Christmas presents! Like I am caught and in trouble…I would have waited to eat or at least made enough for everyone! Mom assures me that it is fine. She says always eat when you are hungry don’t wait. “No worry” she tells me. Ok. It is fine. I am not busted I didn’t do anything wrong. Yet.

Probably a mistake to sit on the couch with red sauce…the youngest one wants to sit where I was earlier and eat where he saw me by the time their lunch is ready. Oops. We settle on sitting at the coffee table to avoid a big mess. Mom and Papa don’t mind the boys are usually all over the place. It was more of a lesson learned for me. Only do what the boys should do! Be an example just in case  they are watching! I am doing my best and having fun. That is what matters most.


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