Wait…it is Friday not Wednesday???

Posted on December 17, 2010


Dear Pantheon,

How did I miss this Wednesday and Thursday this week? I truly thought that it was Wednesday ALL day today! You know that you must be lost when you lose two days not just one. I desperately need to put up a calendar in my room to get some order back in my life! It is friday so for dinner T made carbonara. Oh my goodness so simple and tasty and now I know her recipe…

 Today I went with T to her work which is literally a rock throw away from the Pantheon. Yes, I brought my camera but for some reason it is acting up and I cannot get the pictures up. Good thing that I will go back with her around that area more than once. There are some amazing shops there. Amazingly expensive! T says “we only buy on sale” because it is silly not to. It is best to wait and buy quality things when they go on sale. I like her style. I know this fact but I constantly need this motherly advice/rule laid out daily. (Thanks to my own mother for always sharing this known fact too!)

I tried something new today at the coffee shop. Decaf. I still have not let myself have any real cafe but we were meeting someone for a quick cafe and I didn’t want to seem rude. It was delightful! This cute little family of four sat near us during our cafe break. Since T and her friend were having a “serious” chat all in italian I made myself comfortable watching this adorable family. I swear EVERY single italian little boy and little girl each have the most amazing lashes! It is unbelievable! I hope that my children (one day) have some amazing features like I have seen around here.

Speaking of unbelievable…It snowed here in Rome ! I suppose this is very rare and it was pretty exciting today to witness this business. Sleet. Thunder. Rain. Lightning. Sunshine. Overcast. I pretty much seen it all in one afternoon. Like I said, everyday is another surprise. I am enjoying not knowing what is next. The hardest part is to learn how to sit still and wait for what is to come.

All of you know that I am pretty much the most impatient person ever. Rome is teaching me to be more calm and truly feel each moment that I have. It is nice when I have a little down time and I curl up with my book instead of jump online to Facebook or check my e-mail. I am learning to appreciate more and more the time I am having to myself. When the house is quiet and I can take a 30 minute nap that is Heaven.

These boys make me feel so old at times! They want me to sit on the floor with them for an hour and it is becoming easier but not so much. The marble floor is cold. My back hurts. My butt falls asleep. Then my leg. Stacking all the toys on top of me is a new favorite game so I must hold very still. I think the real reason I always say that I want twins is so that I experience everything once but have two children at the same time. It seems easier to get two over with at the same time. And hopefully have one older than those twins so that he can help out! Oh and make sure that all the kids sleep past 7am. Especially on weekends.

Dare to dream.


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