The husband of the Cow…

Posted on December 18, 2010


Dear Mirto,

You are the liquor I have never imagined. Jagermeister is to the Germans as Mirto is to Italians. This liquor is very special and is only made in Sardegna. This stuff will mess you up!! You can easily “lose your head” T says. I can only see the dysfunction of taking too much of this in. I will definitely bring some home and experiment with some family and friends…for they are the true test. The flavor of the special myrtle plan it is derived from gives a unique eucalyptus, all spice and juniper flavor. It has an alcohol content of 30% that is 60 proof! I had a tiny shot after dinner with the parents and that was enough for me. Got my insides all warm. Dangerous Dangerous stuff!

Ealrier this morning we made a trip to the supermercato and while we were choosing some meat I asked Tizi what kind of meat we were deciding on. After a short thought she answers, “it is the husband of the cow..?” I smiled a big grin and said, “ok? Beef?” si si si. This is the stuff I will never forget! Oh and speaking of husband during lunch today, over handmade spinach and ricotta ravioli, Matteo asked me (in Italian of course) “Lexie, where is YOUR husband??” I couldn’t wait for the translation from Papa…oh my goodness! I told him, shaking my head, that I don’t have one and asked him how could I be here with you if I had a husband? He would be here with me no? He just giggled and batted those lovely lashes at me. Kids. Ya where is this husband of mine?

Today I started my first load of laundry as well. I hand-washed my new dress (Thanks mom!) and some delicates. Let me share that I have never washed much by hand…yes I admit it. This is all new to me. Standing outside on the patio with a washboard, soap and running hot water? This is definitely a new world. Laundry is a couple of day process around these parts. You wash. You hang OUTSIDE to dry. Wind. Snow. Rain. Shine. How ever many days outside in the sun it takes that is how long it may take. You bring it inside at night and place the clothing by the heaters but it is back outside first thing when the sun is out. None of this I need this by tonight business. Better make your plans for clothes a week in advance or save your best clothes for special occasions.

The family and I took a stroll through Piazza Novona this afternoon. Crazy busy on a Saturday with many people, sugary treats, and wild games to win strange prizes. Kind of like the boardwalk in Santa Cruz kind of feel but you are surrounded by beautiful fountains, churches and architecture by famous artists like Borromini and Bernini. I was so much more interested in the buildings and fountains but there were so many people around it was madness to try to take good photos. Perhaps I can come back when it is not the weekend.

This is the best photo from today so I must share it.


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