Everyone steps in Dog Poop sometimes…

Posted on December 19, 2010


Dear Nutella Gelato,

Who has created this heaven on a cone!? I cannot believe that I got to enjoy such a tasty treat for only a euro and a half (1,50). I will never forget that flavor. I only allow myself one gelato a week so far but with flavors like this I will probably hit a few detours next week. Detours=gelateria. Luckily I have still tried to remain active and do little work outs here and there while I am alone so inhaling gelato in less than three minutes makes perfect sense. There is a scale in my bathroom (in kilos of course) and when I weighed in I actually have lost a few pounds so I really don’t care at this point in my gelato feeding frenzy. Kilos is pretty much doubled plus a few. That is my estimate and I am sticking to it. I have never been super at math it is always a guess. Luckily I am always great at guessing so from now on as long as that amount of kilos stays around that number or less I am happy.

The family and I took a ride to town to the Cinema but since I am not fluent enough (even to enjoy a kids movie) I walked around and went shopping. I love all the little shops and hidden huge stores underground. I actually bought myself a pair of silver-grey gloves for less than 10 euros that will keep my hands warmer. I have been wearing leggings under my jeans or pants during the day. That is how cold it is around here. I can wear legging under my Joes jeans so that makes me feel like I should absolutely reward myself with gelato…

It rained most of my shopping walk but thank you Alisha Theo for the hot tub/bubbly umbrella you let me borrow! while I was walking back towards the Cinema to meet the family I was walking and not watching my step (I was honestly just looking ahead praying I was still on the right street and not lost) and ewwww sloshed right into wet dog poop!!! ew on my Vera Wang boots! Yuck! I literally stepped into a big puddle to get it off and scraped my left foot clean every step back to the Cinema. The last thing I want is the boys telling me I smell in the car on the way home! Note to self: don’t wear jeans in the rain. Tuck in your pants. And your shirt if you look sketchy. Oh and watch your step!

After their movie ended and we met back up Matteo asked me (in Italian of course) if I “made many walks around America.” My answer was “si, many long walks all over America!” They say the best things to me everyday I love it. Just the way that they word things is my favorite.

After Sunday Sugo (that is what I am calling it) I tried to go online and attempt to watch Modern Family on ABC.com. HA no such luck. It denies me and tells me in large print I am out of the country. It was worth a try. Mom I know that you told me this would happen, as it did when you were in Costa Rica but like I said…One day very soon I will start listening better. Sometimes when my mother or father tell me not to do something or that it won’t work I still have to witness it myself. It is as bad as when someone tells you to “smell this it’s nasty!” everyone leans in to smell it! You know each of you do this, it is like a reflex don’t deny it!

Tomorrow is Monday and I have decided to allow cafe back into my mornings. I went without for many, many days and still didn’t sleep all the way through the night so I am going in for the kill first thing domani.

Mirto gave me terrifying dreams last night! Maybe I won’t be taking this liquor home…Or next time I just have to drink so much that I don’t even remember my dreams!

To better dreams tonight.


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