Closed on Monday!? Not just this Monday..EVERY Monday…

Posted on December 20, 2010


Dear Street Vendors,

No, I don’t really want to make a deal. Yes, I do speak english. No I don’t need a map. Yes, I am from America. No, I don’t need an umbrella! I am holding one can’t you see me?! No, I don’t want a new sciarpa!!! I have a scarf on for God’s sake you are looking at me…Oh the good old street walking neat Saint Peters. I smile and keep saying, “No Grazie.” At one point today this younger gentleman came to talk me up and walked with me far too long. I was heading towards Saint Peters after my failed attempt to see Saint Angels Castle, when this guy came out of nowhere. Same beginner question, “do you speak english??” Yes. He was first trying to offer me a way to cut around the long line at Saint Peters. Umm no thank you I have been inside already. He continues to walk with me and ask where I am from.(Reno who cares!) Do I live here. (not far) What do I do. (aupair) Where am I going now.(meet the children) Way to many questions from someone who I have no idea their first name. I tell him that I am sorry but I have to get back towards the house because I have to get the kids. He tells me that we can meet back around there if I would like and that he has a Vespa. UM definitely no thank you!! I want to live…what a creeper! All I kept thinking about for the rest of my twenty-minute walk was the movie TAKEN. So not awesome. Trust me I will NEVER get on some strangers bike after 2 minutes of talk. Let alone 2 days. Forget about it!!!

Before getting harassed on the street and before I got to the castle that is closed every Monday, I had a nice long walk around and stopped in the BMW shop for my Dada. It is not like the shop at home, not lots of apparel but plenty of bikes. More riding gear and helmets than tee shirts and other kinds of street clothes. The guy didn’t even greet me he just waved and then disappeared downstairs where it said “do not enter” (in italian…some things I can read!) probably where all the good stuff is hidden away from tourists like me. Sorry Dad, not as awesome as I imagined. Nothing even said Roma on it so that place for gifts is out. Ducati will be more promising they even have bathrobes and kids stuff! They always smile at me when I walk by their windows. They are directly underneath the building where I am living so I walk by the place often.

I am about to cross the street to get home and I see T crossing right where I am…I swear me and this woman have incredible timing. Every time that we have gone out together and meet back up it is like we barely use our phones we just cross paths at every opportune time! I am pretty impressed by our clockwork for some reason. Tommaso has a play at school that parents and family are invited to at 3:30, she tells me to come along. I agree and we go get her mother to come as well. I love that Nana lives across the street from us. We see her pretty much everyday or I hear T talking to her. I am not sure if they are yelling at one another still but I always know when she is on the horn with her Ma. Her mother has the most gorgeous coats I have ever seen. Many, actually most of them are floor length with a fur collar and sleeves. Beautiful colors and designs with a bag to match her shoes or purse. She seems young but she says she is old. She talks the absolute fastest italian I have heard yet. I will understand her and have a real conversation probably in 6 months! No I am joking…and in Italian: Sto Scherzando! The boys say this when they are being funny…”I joke.”

The play is very cute and the kids sing “we wish you a Merry Christmas” in english at the end of the 45 minute play! So adorable these kids are. Whenever we drive with Nana T will drive her little car and they talk and argue the entire way. It is sooo entertaining even though I have no clue what they are saying I just sit in the back and smile. They banter back and forth about what street is best to take, which recipe to make, where to park, don’t park that close, park closer, back up, watch the people crossing,put your seatbelt on, stop at this store, etcetera. They are so funny. I actually like being the backseat driver here in Rome. I truly don’t see myself driving around this madness. Maybe when I come back another year? I am not sure about around town…perhaps more outside this city is possible. I could however see myself on the motorbike.

I chowed on a fresh pressed panini earlier today. Fresh mozzarella, lettuce and tomato on fresh-cut bread then toasted to perfection with a side of bottled water. 5 euros. What a deal because I was full for a while. Walking through town with my sandwich in hand every single restaurant would stop me and shake their head telling me their panini is much better don’t buy on the street! I am sure that everyone has their favorite. Right now I have not made favorites because I have enjoyed all the food I have tried. There is only one restaurant that T said DON”T EVER go there and I forgot what it is called but I know where it is. Very full of tourist. Expensive. And terrible tasting food is what she tells me.

I almost forgot! I dreamt in Italian last night. I was dreaming of being back around my hometown and people were asking me about the trip in Italian and I responded in perfect Italian everything that I said! Every single night I have the absolute most vivid dreams and every morning I remember them so clearly it is crazy.

To more dreams in Italian. Buona Notte.


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