Only two more days of Christmas music…then countdown to Vacation!

Posted on December 22, 2010


Dear Spider on my Ceiling,

You have been stalking my bedroom for 13.5 hours now. What are your intentions with my things or with me while I sleep? I am sincerely apologizing for putting the mini spider near my lamp in the toilet last night. If this is about that please forgive me this once…I am in a new country and don’t know the protocol for eight-legged beasts like you. Seriously, what is this spider still doing in here?

Speaking of dead meat: T and I walked over to the butcher shop earlier this afternoon to drop off some HUGE leg of lamb that was dropped off at the house with a little letter in a small envelope that read “per Stefano” (per= for) The butcher shop is amazing! The old man with the 16 inch knife was like a magician slicing and dicing all that carne. I had to be on tip-toe to watch him while T and him conversed about who knows what. On my ballerina toes I feel like a child watching someone make cotton candy or something. So impressed by it all. Who knew that you could deliver meat as if it was a dozen roses?! Maybe it was “I am sorry” meat from someone…? I learned that it was just lamb that is to be cooked for the New Year. I prefer “I am sorry” meat, it is funnier. Tradition I suppose to have baby sheep for first meal of the New Year? I think of Big Fat Greek Wedding instantly when I set this ginormous hunk of meat on the small table. “You don’t eat no MEAT!?! Ok I cook Lamb!” Next year I will eat lamb with my new family. Christmas is another story. T tells me that they only do each of the families ONE day each. Or else it is a, she shows me a hypothetical gun to the head, problem. Every country people can only do one day of their entire family. I laugh but secretly I am missing my crazy family. 

I was missing my sister today but I did get to talk to her on the phone for about 45 minutes. I waited, and waited and waited for it to be 9am her time. Then right at exactly 9am I dialed her cell. She picked up and said “yes! I knew it!” Confused I asked her what she was saying, I knew that she just woke up but she knew what? She told me that all last night she was secretly telling me to call her at 9am. I called on the dot! We truly are some twisted nocturnal twins. The best thing when I call her is that she saved my number in her cell as “Rome Horn”! I hope that others find that funny because I laugh, even now typing it makes me smile. We catch up and talk about Christmas and how strange it is to be apart.

I did a little Christmas and Birthday shopping today at Ducati Roma. The woman there spoke a little english so this kind of shopping was less difficult. The last two times I ordered food I got the wrong thing (everything is tasty so no complaints) but I have no idea how to explain exactly what I really want so I just smile and say yes. Oh well, in the coming days I will get better at this language! Until then it really is like “eat and shut up.”

Last night before bed I was thinking how perfect the weather has been. Its pretty nice and clear and I have not experienced any wind. I loathe the wind so hardcore. So what do you know today when we head out to the butcher shop it is a little windy! Why don’t I ever wonder about someone hitting the jackpot or I dunno how about winning a giant Yacht of something!? The saying shouldn’t be “be careful what you wish for” it should be “Be SPECIFIC about what you wish for”. Anyone can have what they desire it is about actually knowing what you want. I don’t know what I really want just yet so for now I deal with sudden wind and trying to watch a movie in Italian with English subtitles. A kid movie of course though because that is the choice around here. I cannot wait to go to the Cinema where they play original films and have buttery popcorn! I walked by the mini Cinema (only in Italian) down the street and was almost tempted to go in JUST to buy a small popcorn because I love popcorn so much but I denied myself and reminded myself that popcorn is only for a movie in English. Maybe for my birthday I can go so a movie in English. Do not doubt I started a short list of everything I want to do on my birthday. I don’t think that it will fly here that I get a “birthday month” like at home so I must cram everything I want down to one days worth. I really am learning to pick and choose.

Today was also the boys last day of school til after the New Year. I am both eager and nervous to have them around all day. How much Lego’s, G.I. Joes, blocks, Nativity set, DVDs, clothes, and food can they throw around in an entire day. Oh and lets never forget the daily spill of water at the table. Spills x 3 meals a day x 2 weeks…? I am in for some serious language skills to try to control them! I love that each parent will count at them. I would like to believe that this is universal and in all languages. The lucky ones get the “half” numbers when they are being counted at. Like so,”Uno, Uno mezzo, Due, Due mezzo…” Never make it to 3! That means you are probably in BIG trouble. 

Send me some luck. I don’t really believe in good and bad luck actually…send me reason. I like that better…


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