Please DO NOT TOUCH! Grazie…

Posted on December 23, 2010


Dear Scissors,

I love that you are used to cut food ALL the time. First pizza, then cooked tuna, and bread. You belong in the kitchen right with all the other cooking utensils, not in some craft drawer or junk drawer.  You hang them in this kitchen right next to the ladles and whisks.This makes me think of my own Nana. When she showed me how to make here pizza she demanded that “you only cut with scissors, not a knife, you understand?” I guess it is an italian thing to cut food with scissors? I have never seen anyone else do this except my own family.

Today we went to the market to get some produce for lunch. The walk there is not very far but these two little boys get tired and anxious very easily. Every little shop on the way to the market they want to peak in the windows, stop and touch everything and pick up leaves on the ground. Pretty much do everything and anything they can to make this normally 10 minute walk take at least 25 minutes. I learned how to tell them “do not touch” because there was a sign on this giant Santa playing the saxophone outside a street shop. “No Toccare Grazie!” it says. Good thing that I learned this before the market! They want to touch EVERYTHING and run all over the place. T is telling them to stay close and wait for us while I am telling them “No toccare per favore!” over and over again. They want apples, they want games, they want candy, where is the pizza?, I’m thirsty, I’m tired, NO! What an outing for two small bags of food. We get home after stopping for some “piccoli pezzi” (small pieces) of pizza. But when we get home they don’t want the pizza rossa (red pizza). I know this is all very normal but I am still getting used to these wild regazzi (boys)! I eat some of the pizza while T begins lunch. She makes a fabulous pumpkin risotto that might be my favorite lunch that we have had. It is rather simple but usually all of the simple food is the best and taste amazing. Today we forgot the ricotta cheese to add into the risotto at the end but it was still super delish!

It feels strange to say that I miss English. But I am missing my first language, especially when it comes to TV and movies. I can still watch some stuff on TV with the boys and find it interesting but I don’t really follow. I fell asleep for a little bit today with my head on the arm of the couch curled up with my boys. We were watching the national geographic channel about first Sea Lions and then some Gorillas. The boys love to watch anything wild on TV and act it out together. They are the only children I have seen that LOVE advertisements on the radio in the car too. The music they don’t care for but soon as advertising commercial and themed background music they dance it up! So funny in the car with them. Back to my nap…when I woke up to something hitting the ground (the bag of G.I. Joes, Yes, I will be picking ALL of those up before dinner) I realized that Tommaso had somehow fit himself between my arm and legs and was sitting with me. He usually cannot sit still, for one and has not really cozied up to me the way that Matteo has. Maybe he likes me better when I am sleeping!

Sleep. I am finally sleeping much better since I don’t do the cafe anymore. I do enjoy a cafe/ginseng blend that is some powder form you mix with water in the morning. I am tired now and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We go to T’s mother-in-laws for dinner then Christmas Day we do a big lunch with T’s mother’s side of the family. This shall be interesting. I hope that someone likes to drink besides T’s husband and I…I could use a nice stiff Christmas cocktail!

Cheers and Happy Holidays.

Buon Natale!!! duh…Merry Christmas!


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