This is a Robbery! I mean…It is just Santa!

Posted on December 25, 2010


Dear MTV 80’s Countdown,

Why for Christmas in Rome this is what is on MTV? and why are we even watching MTV?? I hope it is not for me just because I am the Americano…Perhaps it is. Oh well. Who won’t smile when Madonna or Duran Duran is on? Before we even went upstairs I found it funny that on the radio “smack my bitch up” by Prodigy was on right as S was telling a guy off that just about stole his christmas parking space! Radio stations here will play all the songs with no earmuffs! For example when I walked into Ducati Cee Lo Green was playing LOUD and it was the explicit version…yes that one. NOT the Glee version either!

Earlier today S and I went for a short motorcycle ride to get tortolini, milk, bread and wine for tonight and tomorrow. He has been telling me about this wine shop for a while now and I was excited to check it out. We arrive and I realize that it is next door to Casa de Pane (house of bread) which is down the street from my school. I meet one of the owners, his name is Luca (of course it is). He asks if S has traded a new wife? I smile until he tells me the joke, ah hahah. Funny, but I am relieved to find that this guy knows his good wine. I am welcome back to talk more wine and buy gifts to bring home to America anytime! OR be some trade wife…?

When we leave I ask S who will be drinking with Us tonight…? he says his brother and his dad drink so mostly likely us four! I laugh and say that I am ready (pronto!). I also share that right before I left my country a few of us drank um 17 bottles of bubbly and were literally on the floor at the end of the day. He tells me that not only can bubbly give you a mean hangover but you “don’t respond to doors!” ummm excuse me door! He tells the truth. Walls and doors are one when you have had too much champagne…

The best part of today is that S told me that he and T had to start working again really hard after our vacation and that he “trusts me with the boys.” That made me feel awesome today even as slowly as I am picking up this language…This dad trusts me with his two boys! That is the best gift today! Besides the book and umbrella and hat of course!

I promise to write more tomorrow…it is super late here…almost 3AM! We got home after 1:30AM and I called home to say Merry Christmas Eve. More details tomorrow.

Good night and I am in my new x-mas pjs!


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