Roman Pizza and Beer…

Posted on December 26, 2010


Dear Gianicolo,

This is a beautiful site to see! What spectacular views of this city. Words again can’t really describe this wonderous place, it is an overwhelming feeling just being in the heart of this “Eternal City.” I truly feel very blessed to experience everyday and witness all the rare beauty this world has to offer.

After the site seeing adventure we drove down to Trastevere to check out the markets. I have not seen anything that is that great just yet. Perhaps on a better day I will be more impressed by these items? If something is stolen from you you would most likely find it here in a few days! That is what S jokes today. Actually, come to think of it he wasn’t joking. I was told to keep my bag close to me in this “bad” area. Once we find our way back towards the car we stop at a little place to get some treats. I am sugared out since Christmas so I pass on the goodies. We get something else like little puff pastry that is more like food not dessert. I like it or I was just really hungry! I chowed two by the time we got back to the car. Just because I didn’t feel like having sugar doesn’t mean that it wasn’t shared with me and my purse. Tommaso likes to lean on me and over me lately when we are in the car. At least he wants to sit next to me so I am happy about that! He takes mini bits of his pastry and sprinkles some on my knee and purse with every nibble. I just watch and laugh once in a while. He is enjoying this treat so much I hold still and just wait to brush it all off outside the car.

This evening T’s girlfriends came over to visit. One of them has a son in between the boy’s age so they are always excited to play together. Seeing T with her friends makes me miss my girls back at home. We had pizza brought over for dinner. 7 pizzas and McDonalds for the kids, they go crazy for chicken nuggets and fries! This is by far my favorite pizza that I have had. The crust was super super thin, sauced just right, and the toppings paper thin. Cooked to perfection and not at all greasy! We shared a few beers around the table because pizza and beer makes sense in every country. Birra Moretti it was called. I don’t even like beer but pizza and beer are like best friends. They just go together. It made sense. Real Roman pizza. We each ate our pizza and shared the last one. I had mushroom. I had the entire thin crust pizza to myself. I am still full!

 I am not exactly in many social situations so far that involve people around my age and speak my language. Once my Italian classes start I am sure that I will have the chance to meet others in desperate need for friendship in english! I am really looking forward to my “survival in Rome” language course to begin. This is what the director calls this 4 week course. I am surviving by nodding and smiling not interacting and conversing with strangers just yet. Soon. Very soon. I have never been so quiet my entire life. I am still working on patience and staying busy during the day so I don’t get “Cabin Fever” in the house on rainy days.

I am proud to report that 5 days out of 7 this week I did a 20-40 minute workout. I still try to move everyday and walk everywhere but I still feel like it is not enough in comparison so my pasta/pizza/cheese ratio. My clothes still fit fine but I am trying not to feel discouraged or self-conscious. I don’t have anyone telling me that I look cute or not around here so I just rely on the hall mirror and hope for the best! Again missing my girls for confirmation checks concerning clothes and shoes. Shoes. I really miss all my shoes! Not that I really need them but I wish that I had brought more. I am going to be buying new boots and shoes soon as everything goes on sale but until then I am getting tired of my worn black shrug boots. I still am liking my now broken in Vera Wang boots but I can’t help but just want to splurge on some real Italian leather black boots!

Brought my Ipod out and charged it on my laptop today! I forgot that I even had it with me since it went missing for a few months back at home. I have some pretty good jams on there! Or I just miss music in general. Listening to Black Water now and realizing that it is getting late here. It is just about 11pm….”and I ain’t got no worries ’cause I ain’t in no hurry at all…”- Doobie Brothers song lyrics. These are some words that make sense for me here in Rome. There is soooo much to see and do and I feel I have all the time in the world to see and do it all!    Maybe not all the time in the world…272 days if I want to be very specific!!!

To 272 days, 7 hours and 53 minutes in Rome. Get it done!!!!


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