Can’t look the “market guy” in the eyes!

Posted on December 27, 2010


Dear Skype,

You are the best thing to happen to us since Text Messaging! Well maybe I am just missing text messaging since I am away from my phone. I actually do have a cell here but it is pretty much for emergencies only and for when I make friends over the ages of 4 and 6! I have NEVER been so excited to start school in my life. For one, I need a schedule to stick to and a routine to begin. Things have been sort of hectic and everyday is different. Once our vacation is over we will all be on a more strict schedule and everything will become easier. Back to Skype! I get to Skype my sis and mom whenever I want to, well if they are on the computer when I am…Plus it is FREE. Amazing way to stay connected with family and friends when you are in a new time zone. Find me it is miss.lexie.brecke.

Today we went to the park to search for bugs to catch. Someone got the boys a bug catcher dome with magnifying glasses and all for a Christmas present. A pretty cool gift. For boys. I am so not into bugs since the spider incident a few days ago..eww. This park was quite beautiful and I had a nice time taking pictures of the greenery and fountain. I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of all the trees around here. They are so huge, old and full of secrets!

Many years ago when my father’s office was over on Moana Lane in Reno I used to have this crush on the “sandwich guy” from Deli Towne. Him and his secretary, Donna, would make so much fun of me because I would get so incredibly embarrassed whenever I saw him or went in there and he was working. It was like I could never fully look him in the eyes without blushing! I still, to this day, never even knew his name. One day my father and I were in his line and soon as we were close enough for him to hear my dad says, loudly of course,” hey LEX is this the guy??” nudging his shoulder towards him! Devastated, I just turn all the way around and give him wide eyes pleading for him to quit it. He still laughs at this story. I am smiling now writing about it. Dad, good thing you aren’t here to make fun of me and the “market guy”. He works below our building at a mini grocery. I saw him for the first time probably two weeks ago. He was not in there the time before last but he was there today. Matteo and I had to run out for some batteries for a new toy. T gave me a 50 and we bundled up and headed out. I had that feeling like he was going to be there. We round the corner and go through the sliding doors. I don’t even want to try to ask him where the batteries are because I don’t know how to understand his reply and that would mean it would require eye contact. Not today! We walk through the store and get to his checkout line. Matteo hands him the batteries and I give him the 50 before he gives me a total. He asks me if I have anything smaller (I am almost positive that is what he asked because the total was only 1,50 Euro, I doubt he asked for my number or something! haha) No, sorry. I tell him while checking out his name tag. Of course his name is Luca. Every 4th male is named Luca in this city, it must be a rule or something. I tell him grazie and take my change while fighting Matteo off while he tried to swipe the bills from me. I feel like even if I knew how to talk to him I wouldn’t know what to say. I have to start by actually looking him the eye to have a real conversation! I wonder if I tell T if she will make fun of me. Better yet she probably knows his mother or something. I will wait just in case.

Until then.


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