If you are unlucky in Cards you will be lucky in love…

Posted on December 28, 2010


Dear Befana,

I wondered about this “Strega” for a bit now but wasn’t sure how to ask who she was. When T was asking me about this Holiday in the states I really had no idea what she was talking about. We only do New Years in the month of January. And it is my “birthday month” back at home…along with many of my other family members, friends and of course, my Dada. According to a website on the internet here is some information regarding la Befana:

The arrival of La Befana is on the eve of the Epiphany – January 5th to be exact. Legend has it that if a child was good throughout the year, the good witch will swoop down the chimney and leave a small gift. If the child was a real rascal during the preceding 12 months, the kid got a piece of coal. Befana was an old lady sweeping the floors, and mopping and generally doing the things a cleaning lady does, when the three Wise Men stopped by en route to Bethlehem to ask for directions, and asked her to accompany them see the Baby Jesus. She replied she couldn’t because she was too busy. When she finished her chores, she decided to catch up to the tree Wise Men, but they were gone. So, to this day, La Befana goes out on January 5th in search of the baby Jesus, stopping at every house in hopes that in one of them is the One. In the process, she leaves a gift for the Chosen One in each household along the way. At some point this evolved into a lump of coal for naughty children. 


I wonder if I will get coal or some tasty treats? I think that I have been pretty well-behaved this year and if that old witch wants to bring me something I hope it is tasty and not a lump of coal! If I were to grow up and know of this woman I would be way more scared of this idea than of Santa! I think that when I have some kids I might have to celebrate this day with them. Start a new tradition and keep this up back at home in the states. Anything to get family together to eat and drink and give the kids coal! I mean candy and gifts…I am excited that we will be visited by this famous Befana while we are on a ski vacation.

Since the boys have been out of school and on their Winter Break it has been nice that the entire house has been sleeping in. I usually wake up when the boys do and lately we have been lounging until after 9:30. I am liking it but the days are so short I really shouldn’t be sleeping in so much! I will get up early tomorrow, exercise and go for a nice walk. I believe that we are making a trip to Villa Borghese tomorrow which is a very famous place to see. Everywhere we have been is so unreal I cannot wait to take pictures of my day tomorrow.

Today we played “Guess who?”, which in Italian is “Indovina Chi?” This is a great game for us to play because we are practicing both English and Italian together. We need an interpreter that speaks both languages but as long as he is present the game goes on! It is really funny and I probably have not seen or played this game in over 15 years! I also was finally asked to play Nintendo with Tommaso today on his little handheld game. I have been wanting to secretly play since I saw his new game last week but didn’t know how to get my hands on it. He gets so into it I don’t even want to distract him when he is playing. He does “air Mario” sometimes, when he is super into it. You all know what I am talking about because we have ALL done this too. It is when you lead the controller with your hands and mimic what is going on in the game…when you jump to the right you literally move all the way to the right as this of course, helps you stay in the game! Today was another story, he came and found me and invited me to play with him. I was very happy to help beat some levels and take turns with him! I hate that I love Mario so much because I could play that game all day too but it is not educational; just fun and time-consuming! As long as we are practicing our English words like “jump!” “run”, “faster”, and “go!!” that is better than nothing, right? And counting how many lives we have left to pass the next level is still counting practice in English. As Mario says when you begin each game,” Here we go!!”

After dinner tonight I learn that tomorrow some friends of theirs are coming over to play cards in the evening. I laugh because I am terrible at cards so I know that I probably won’t get to participate. We talk about gambling and card games that we both know. S tells me there is an old saying, “If you are unlucky in cards then you are lucky in love.” Sweet! I am extremely unlucky when it comes to cards so I might be lucky in love afterall. I really don’t believe in good luck or bad luck for that matter. So once again I believe in reason. Reasons to Love. Love to reason. Why not?

Oh ya and I did some more laundry today. I cannot believe how excited I am to do laundry here. It is such a process that I truly enjoy it because it gives me something to do. I love that I have not lost any socks (yet!) because my laundry is so simple and there is not much reason to lose socks if you really keep your laundry together! I even took a picture of my small load drying by the heater. The things that make me smile here I never would have imagined. I am turning into my mother. She loves her laundry room. Well she actually really began to love it most when her father literally moved the door from the garage a few feet down so that when we came through we wouldn’t bust into the washer and make her yell! Maybe I finally feel that sense of order and calm while hanging and sorting laundry.

I don’t even mind doing socks anymore because I match them when I hang them on the line. So domesticated. Soon as I get to cook in the kitchen more I will definitely relax and settle in.

To cooking and laundry. And behaving for la Befana…


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