Me and my Rome (snowboard) in Rome…

Posted on December 30, 2010


Dear Best Sandwich of Rome (2010),

I say this with confidence that this was truly a tasty sandwich that I experienced here in Rome this year. I know that I will have many other tasty sandwiches but NEXT year will be different. In 2011 I will try a selection of sandwiches that will both meet my approval and some that do not. Today was a delightful sandwich. The lady behind the counter was so friendly and spoke slowly. Not just for me either. She spoke slow and soft to all the customers. I felt this place would be a smart choice due to the fact that there were a total of 3 super old Italian guys waiting in line. If old people are eating it, and waiting for it, it must be good, right? I decide on a Salami sandwich. This is no ordinary sandwich, she is plain excited to build it for me and ask me (in Italian) all the extras I prefer. I am so proud of myself for getting to know Italian lettuce, cheese and peppers! I actually understand this woman and we have a very short but real Italian conversation. She asked me what I like and don’t like and how my day was going! I do understand and make some sense to others! 4 Euros later I am so pleased with my just pressed sandwich I walk slowly back towards home and smile at every bite. Here pressed in between a perfect just baked roll is fresh mozzarella, paper-thin salami, romaine and arugula lettuce and tri-colored sweet bell peppers. A perfect combination for a late lunch walking the streets of Rome. I hope that I don’t walk by a Gelateria while I am enjoying my lunch. I only want something sweet if I see it. I make it home safe sans gelato.

Before I found this delicious Panini I walked all the way over the Castel Sant’ Angelo. For the second time. It was open this round and it on only costs 8 Euro to enter. I took many great photos and snooped around the ancient castle. It started being built in AD 123, which is just wild to contemplate. I am standing and looking out over this beautiful city where some very well dressed tough guys in steel armor once stood. I admire all the art and walk all the way around each level. I may have even walked some areas twice by accident, it is quite a maze through some parts. I wish that I could take real photos of the art but this is also called stealing. I touch everything and check all the doors and bolts to see if they move. I  only do this when no one is around, I had to! Some of the doors were tiny and there were so many secret closed off entries and walls you can’t look behind. That is the interesting parts of these sites. Whatever is blocked off I try to take a peak into. I did take some good photos outside and can share my favorite pictures of the castle.

I also like this one because it frames the angel on the bridge perfectly. I know that back when these little portals were used to look out without being seen but I like it now as a super old “frame”.

After I returned home we decided to take the boys to the park while the sun was still out. This park is so green and full of trees. I love the air here and to watch the kids play soccer, play at the park and watch all the dedicated athletes (or just people exercising…) do their thing. It takes a full two hours to walk the entire path of the park. While I am sharing photos this is my favorite picture of the day at the park. It was an amazing sunset but this path and the trees is so gorgeous I must share.

OH! Good news earlier today, on my way to the Castle I was approached my someone on the street asking me to sign/petition something about something here in Rome. The kid realized that I had no idea what he was saying to me so he apologized in english and said,”well you look totally Italian to me.” And then began anther conversation in English with me. Awesome! Now the next must is to learn the language FASTER!! I am picking up more and more on new words and understanding conversations around me everyday. This New Year will be a great beginning for snowboarding. I am so eager to ride in another country! I barely have been to 5 mountains in Nevada…to say me and my Rome snowboard were in Rome feels good! Mwhhaaaa!!! Me and my snowboard! Can’t wait..!

 I am ready for a new year, new snow and new sandwiches to judge!

2011, I am ready for you.


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