The good, the bad, and the Ugly…oh, and Madonna!

Posted on December 30, 2010


Dear Olive Oil Delivery Man,

I did not hear you come by the house this morning at 8am due to the fact that I was sleeping in. Again. I am liking these quiet mornings but feel as though I missed out on something when I wake up. I love that all the good stuff, like the lamb a few days back, gets delivered right to your doorstep. This wasn’t “sorry oil”, this is a regular occurence when we get down to only two bottles of the best olive oil. I was curious to know if the same man delivers or if it is just a service and it is always someone else. I wonder what else will be delivered in the future…

Today we did not go to the Villa Borghese because the weather was not ideal to stay outside. It is molto freddo! So instead we made Tiramisu. T’s mixer was out-of-order so we used the food processor to make it. Different, to we crossed our fingers. I wrote out the recipe, in my best explanation and best conversions. I have faith that I can make this again, no problems. The hardest part will be finding good “lady fingers” that are authentic. This tiramisu didn’t sit long in the fridge but it turned out pretty damn tasty to me! I ate the last piece, on top of my first piece, so I will probably be tiramisu’d out til next year…wait that is in a few days. Maybe til February or March. I must keep my girlish figure, that is priority, even among all the tasty treats this world has to shove at me, I will only taste new stuff and not overindulge! I am only writing this down for my own sake and personal promise, you, the reader probably doesn’t care and WANTS me to chow down and write about all the crazy good stuff. I will but in moderation. So far I would most likely cut in line in front of an old woman to get the last of some gelato…if that were the case. I am joking. or am I?

Tonight we had some more guests over for dinner and cards. There was a total of 9 of us surrounding the dining table. The boys ate before company and they don’t really eat with us each time. We enjoyed some fantastic pesto rigatoni, a special baked second course and I will never forget the tiramisu for dessert. After dinner we played cards. Real Italian cards. Not like the cards we know there are 4 kinds but they are not suits. Similar, I suppose but not quite the same. The game that I was most succesful was called “sette e mezzo”. Which translates to 7 and a half, sort of like the game 21 but better. Any age can play and it was 5 euros to get in on the action. It was really cute, a younger kid that was playing with us, I think he was 15 maybe 13, he told us that his mom was his “bank”! I laughed and shared that my parents used to say that they were not our “ATMs”! Then they laughed. I only won about 3 euros while playing until midnight but I cannot wait to play cards again. We also played a game that was like “higher” or “lower” but I was not so good at that one. One of T’s friends asked me if I was lucky in love since I seemed so unlucky at this particular game. I just laughed. I don’t really have the answer to that. Is this a universal saying because if so, then yes I will be lucky in love or I am lucky in love. Who knows. When my luck was really down S put on some really old Madonna to make us laugh: Lucky Star. And before that he put on the soundtrack of  “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” while the first round of “Sette e mezzo” began. It was so serious and quiet that opening song was pretty funny. He was our DJ for the night.

This was a great night and I am excited to take some cards home and the tiramisu recipe. oh and note to self: Do not drink Campari soda. Never a good choice, it tastes horrible! T and I dumped it out and had a glass of wine instead. How have I not had this drink before? I think it is because I have not met anyone in this world yet that prefers it!

Cin cin! To good Italian wine that is not too sweet.


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