“Cheers to your new life!!!”

Posted on January 1, 2011


Dear 2011,

This year I hope promises some new good stuff and plenty of change. I am ready and willing to see and make some differences. Today was quite a particular day. Not only the last day of 201o, but one to remember no doubt. We began the day with not so pleasant weather. So again, no go to Villa Borghese. Maybe next week. For lunch today we had “spinach cake”, that is the best translation into English that we came up with but by the time it came out the oven I decided on Spinach Pie. It was a bright green cake with crust. Tasted healthy to me and very green. I liked it but T said there was too much spinach. No matter I will re-make it again one day in the states and we can judge later.

Today was also “the Napping House, where (almost) everyone is sleeping”. A few of us took a rest/nap today after 3pm knowing that we would have a late night. (Hence the LATE blog now.. it is 1:40am) I had some crazy dreams for about 2 hours then got up, changed and was ready to rock it! But it is not like that here. We don’t start with jello shots or any shots for that matter. We didn’t even start on the fantastic wine until almost 8pm! This was officially my first New Years Eve in probably ten years that I drank less than a cab driver! I am proud to say that I still had a great time without getting drunk welcoming the New Year.

Once the guest arrived for dinner DJ Stefano put on some 70’s jams that made me laugh. They say that this music is for “old people” but they are not old so I don’t get it! We enjoy a traditional New Years Eve dinner with lots of “game” meat and Lamb for the entrée. The fettuccine was unbelievably great, the salad tasty but I did not really enjoy the lamb…at all. I tried it because I try everything at least twice to make sure that I am into it or not. Not. Way to much “Game!” I couldn’t get into it. The wine pairing was fabulous and I was looking forward to lentils after midnight! Lentils on New Years signifies $ in the future year. I really like lentils so I am hoping for plenty $ in the future! Lets make this blog a movie, who wants to be cast??

Music bringing in the New Year was the one and only Cee Lo Green. Explicit lyrics and all loud and clear on the Italian radio! I love it that they don’t censor the radio here when American music is on. Do they even know that they are cussing up a storm and saying super bad words for all to hear (if they understand English…I guess)..? Who knows but I LIKE IT!

We clinked our champagne glasses and welcomed 2011 with plenty of fireworks on the balcony. Fireworks are
(mostly) legal and they were going off left and right! Loud and very smoky indeed! Happy New Year!!!

Tomorrow once we get up and moving we are going on a ski/snowboard trip for a few days. I won’t have internet connection to continue my blog but I will keep writing as soon as I get back!!!

Until then….Happy New Year and cheers to me. Can’t wait to ride in Rome!!!!


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