Sunny perfect day, great shoes and sweatpants…

Posted on January 9, 2011


Dear Fur-lined Converse All-Stars,

Genius! These shoes are perfect for any cold climate for the people who like to wear converse year round but hate to get cold feet in the canvas. I cannot wait to go back to buy these new favorites and buy the matching bag to go with them. I was shopping along Via Del Corso on my way up to Piazza del Popolo this sunny afternoon and found a shoe store than only had Nike, Puma, Converse, Adidas and select other sport type shoes. I loved that all the employees wore sneakers, sweats or jeans and a tee-shirt with the store logo. Roll out of bed and get to work. I need to work here! I would absolutely love to work at a shoe store in Rome but probably not likely. Yet.  I think that it is amazing that sweats is actually the style here. For males anyway. Designer sweats. Grey sweats. Black Sweats. Tight or loose they wear them with mostly Nikes, Adidas and Puma. Old and young, it is just how it is done. It truly reminds me of my Nanu Sal. He always would wear sweats! Must be an Italian thing for sure then. So I must return to this store because since it is winter sales EVERYWHERE is total chaos and busy and messy. Not one of the three people helping me could find the mate to my shoes…the worst!! The evil left shoe is missing in action! At least they all spoke enough english to understand when I told them I would come back and give them the rest of the day to find it. There must have been over 50 people in this tiny store. I am in love with the shoes and the price. They were originally 100 Euro and only 39…I NEED them yesterday. I really wanted  new shoes and a bag for school tomorrow. This is not a WANT. This is definitely a NEED!

I have never been so excited to begin school! 120 hours of Italian. I still have to pay for the rest of the course so I went to the bank this morning to pull money to shop and have it ready to bring to school tomorrow. My card was invalid?! I know that there is money in my account but my card just didn’t take. I tried two times two different amounts and still nothing. I still had some euros to shop today but this would be a problem domani. I came back home here to check my account online just to make sure and I couldn’t even get on to see my account! It was 3am in Reno so I couldn’t call my mom to help me out and figure out this mess. Mille Grazie Skype! I had to wait until after 6pm my time and get my mom on Skype, then conference call Wells Fargo, reset my password, etc. 30 minutes later my card unfroze and I had to change my passwords so it better work tomorrow and not deny me my euros!

I didn’t even spend that much money today. I was so worried about not having enough to buy gifts and things for myself. I spent twenty on lunch, which was not that great, but the view was nice. A glass of red and a salami pizza at a tiny table outside the Piazza Del Popolo. The server spoke both english and Italian to me so it was alright. I was more proud of myself today for taking the bus by myself! I have been extremely hesitant to get on a bus by myself and end up across town and lost that I have waited. Today was easy. I cannot believe I made myself walk so much. I personally like walking but sometimes a bus is necessary to get to your destination. I will take the bus again tomorrow to hopefully pick up my evil shoes and bag!

Walking through each Piazza is so beautiful and interesting. I cannot believe that all of these places are so ancient. It is such an immense feeling when you look up at the beautiful architecture, fountains and timeless faces of the statues…Today I enjoyed myself in Rome a little bit more. I think that taking the bus truly gave me that kick of confidence that I needed to become more independent around this Eternal city. I cannot wait to venture out further and further. Next week is my birthday and I am going to find a theatre that shows films in the original english language! I love and miss the movies and heard that there are a few theatres here that have this option, opposed to subtitles. I am missing popcorn and the big screen. I was hoping for Black Swan but this Eternal City takes an eternity to get movies here!!! They just released Hereafter. I saw that back in October in the States. Lets just hope that there is a movie I have not seen that is playing, for my birthday, per favore.

I am about to do something funny with my mom back at home…She is setting up Skype to face the TV and I get to catch up on an episode of Brothers & Sisters!! I have plenty to do during the day but once the boys go to bed I don’t have much of a nightlife. Yet. So my mom offered to have me “watch” TV in english! We are so fantastic and I love that I laugh about my crazy family still, even when I am alone. My family makes me laugh everyday, even if I don’t talk to them every second!

I got my sweats on and I am ready!


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