Money? No. Shoes? No. Gelato? No. School? Yes.

Posted on January 10, 2011


Dear Wells Fargo Bank,

Get it together! You have never let me down like this… I know that I am very far away but I went through all the trouble with my mother yesterday using Skype, calling the bank, changing passwords, and I still cannot withdraw any money?! Forget it. Had to resort to my Nordstrom Card. Thank you Nordstrom for always being there for me and never letting me abuse you! Thankfully, my mom can help me to “make a payment” to Nordstrom and move the money I actually do have from my bank account to pay off the exchange in money I had to perform. This 4-week course I finished paying for is worth the amount of just about 15 pairs of the converse that I DIDN”T GET! Yep, they couldn’t find the left shoe. Evil shoes. They will haunt me now for eternity. I needed those shoes so badly and I went all the way back to Via Del Corso, took two buses and walked for over 30 minutes and came home empty-handed. I should have realized the failure as it approached minute by minute. First, I waited over 20 minutes for my first bus, it never takes that long. Then, since it is an electrical mini-autobus, they had to stop and we all piled into an alternative bus on the way to our destination. But we didn’t even get going for another 15 minutes of waiting. The driver was “charging the bus” which I believe is the same amount it takes to smoke two cigarettes. That is what I saw the driver doing while talking to his friend, my first driver. Oh well, he is in charge, we go when he is ready. The bus runs on their time for sure. I had that bad feeling in my stomach the entire bumpy ride throughout the cobblestone. Also, I was in a rush since I had to be back to meet the children by 4:15. It was almost 3 by the time we go closer to Via Del Corso where the shoe store was. Everything was bad news. When I finally got to the store the guy remembered me and just shook his head doubtfully. I got a pout face and rolled my eyes. Damn. You better believe that he tried to offer me a discount to buy the two different sizes that they did find. Ummm, no grazie. I have been wearing a size 4 in converse since I was 12. You DO NOT mess with that. You wear one size and that is it. For life. One size fits you, not all. I was so disappointed I couldn’t even buy the bag alone. I would have hated to look at it and use it without the shoes. I do not need a reminder of the shoes that never will be mine. I thought for about 3 seconds of plurging on the real leather fur-lined but 90 euros is just too much. They are just “chucks” by the end of the day. No matter where you are…even in Rome.

I frowned all the way to my bus stop and crossed my arms like a kid that got told “no!” I decided that I would haul ass back to my neighborhood and go get some gelato to ease the pain. I literally run to get there so I can still make it home to the boys on time. I approach Vice, the first gelato place I experienced and its dark and CLOSED! I am deeply annoyed and just sulk home. Empty-handed once again. I realized that I am hungry for real food so I stop for a mozzarella and spinach sandwich to take home to eat during my short depression. After my sandwich I take a spoonful of Nutella just to try to feel a little better. It works for about 2 seconds. I am waiting for the boys and they are still not home. I decide that I need to buy a notebook for school so I grab my keys and wallet and run downstairs to the market with the guy that I “can’t look at”. Just my luck, he isn’t working and there are no pencils or notepads. One of those days. A day like today tomorrow must be something splendid lined up!

I knew that today was not going to be the best when my ATM card denied me at 9 am. The only part that went well was the course. There are three students, including myself. All females. Even the teacher, Francesca. It will be us four for the next four weeks. I believe that me and one of the chicks will become good friends. She is a fellow Capricorn and we need to celebrate our Birthdays next week! At least I know that we will get to know one another and practice our Italian together if nothing else. Some good food, wine, gelato and shopping is much better with someone else. Especially if they speak some english with you!

This language is so complicated. There is so much to learn in such a short time! It just takes time and practice. And that other thing that I am constantly working on: Patience. In time. I have faith and I look forward to this next month. I don’t think that I have ever been so excited for a course. I also don’t think that I have ever been in such a small class for the price! I am grateful that the class is small and we all will get the attention that we need to accomplish a portion of this language in the alloted time.

….Back to school.


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