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Posted on January 11, 2011


Dear Judo Instructor,

Congratulations you are the second nuomo (man) I am trying to look in the (dark-long-eyelashed) eyes. Matteo’s instructor is not very tall but a black belt, teaches 4-year-olds Judo, smiles a lot, super strong and has a motorcycle helmet? He gets a 7 out of 10 on the “Lexie is Impressed but Can’t Speak to You” scale. I wonder if in Rome the good ones are all married or gay, like at home in the States? Not always but mostly the case at home. Or recently divorced and under 30. I know many people in that category. Forgot to check his left hand for a wedding band. He probably takes it off during Judo? Ha, well see him Friday and I will sneak a peek if I see him again after class. Oh, and he was wearing black and hot neon green Nikes. Me and shoes…He now deserves an 8. If his name is Luca he goes back to a 7!

Day two of school went well. We are moving along great and I look forward to each lesson. We all take a caffe break at 11 am so I gave a taste test to the Ginseng cappuccino from the machine. Plastic cup 1 point. Taste 1 point. A measly 2  out of 10. Boo. Also, T gave me a task for after school to stop at Casa del Pane (house of bread) near my school and pick up some bread and bottled water for the boys. The particular bread is called “Filone Sciapo” which sounds like Fill-ownee Sharp-o. Sciapo is without salt pertaining to this type of bread. I LOVE bread. I would rather eat bread than anything sweet. There are sooooo many types of breads it is madness. I will probably not remember all the types even after 6 months of trying them all. Amazing, and each made usually that day. When I see “sliced bread” it seriously angers me. Who wants that?! Back to GOOD bread… My conversation with the bread lady went fantastic, by the way. I asked for the right bread, pronounced it correctly, ordered a small piece of white pizza with zucchini, asked her to warm it up and  got the waters and paid. All in successful Italian! This little pizza bite was my reward for speaking Italian. Later this afternoon I got gelato because I still have not found another pair of shoes OR a new bag/purse for school stuff. I have strange reasoning for food and what it means when I eat it. Sometimes not that wise, after I worked out (way before the gelato) I allowed myself a cookie smothered with Nutella. Some how I weigh less than when I came here…I think its due to not drinking anymore, not my calorie intake! As long as I work out daily and walk as much as I can I know that I will be fine and not worry.

Tomorrow after class I plan on finding this shop called Borini near Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. They specialize in custom-made leather shoes and goods. All hand-made and they can even create your very own pair in less than 5 days if you pick everything you want out! I like the idea of spending more on this type of boot than a mismatched pair of chucks that I can custom create at ConverseAllStar.com. I realized that if I really want those shoes I can create them and order them online. This Borini place though? um NEVER. Hopefully if I find this shop and like something enough I will buy the boots of my dreams. Wing tips, tall, multiple colors, 3-4 inches…no bows or too many straps. Might get expensive.

I also want to buy a particular hat that is only made in this one shop near the Pantheon. It is very special to Rome but they are finally on sale so I must go and get myself one. I have these ideas of things that I want and gifts to buy friends and family at home but finding them is most difficult. Shopping will have to be more succesful tomorrow! I need new shoes and a bag stat! My feet hurt from walking so much and my bag is not meant for long walks with the evil strap digging into my shoulder! I am tired of carrying it and still unsure why I only brought ONE purse in the first place. The one I chose is Red and black and wintry and looks like a giant coin purse. I didn’t pack anything to wear that is red except some lipstick. Packing was chaos and I really didn’t know what to expect and what to bring. Looking back now it seems like a blur those last few days in the States. I wish I packed more shoes but all the reason to buy new ones!

To buying things on sale.


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