I, You, He, She, We, They. Io, Tu, Lui, Lei, Noi, Loro. OH and You Plural…Voi!

Posted on January 12, 2011


Dear Borini Shoe Shop,

This is the second time that I came to window shop and stare at your Italian hand-made leather shoes. The first time was my second week here. This was probably one of the first shoe stores that I came to. I did not realize that I have already been here before until I stepped inside and looked at the inside of a high-heel. Borini. I stepped back out side and looked above me for a sign that says the shop name. Nothing. Niente. Nulla. I look in the tiny window and there is a piece of paper that is hand scribbled on what looks like the back to a business card, “Borini, Closed Sunday and Monday morning. Via dei Pettinari 86/87  T.39 066875670.” I cannot believe that I studied my map, went online to look at bus routes, and searched for this tiny shop and I had already seen it. Been there. Again. Didn’t buy that. Again.

I shopped around some more and finally stumbled behind the Pantheon once more. I went inside this time and checked it out. It is free so that is always good. I took some dark photos but like I have said before a digital camera just doesn’t capture the image. I literally walked in and out of the Pantheon did a short circle and left. It was packed and I was on a real mission to BUY something today. I looked for the famous hat shop but had no luck. I knew that I had to get back to the house to meet the boys in less than an hour and had to catch two buses back so I power-walked up and down the curvy cobblestone searching. Niente. I never found the shop. I will go back when I have more time, plus I need to visit the Santa Maria sopra Minerva church. This is a favorite church of my sister Rozena and I now know the area better so I will have an easier time getting here and working my way around this part. Next time: Church and hats. But no hats in church, this I know.

We practiced some more maschile and femminile words and plurale o singulare. This language is such a challenge but I still am confident that I will get it sooner or later. Sooner is better. We learned and laughed about America taking the word “panini” and using it to refer to one pressed sandwich. When in the Italian language “panini” is plural from “panino”. Panino is ONE sandwich. Panino is TWO or more sandwiches. Americanos. I also learned one important word I did not know: Stivali. Means Boots.  I knew “shoes” before I came: Scarpe. I knew I needed to know this word but boots is what I am looking to buy.

I took a picture today of my classroom just to share here because I think it was elementary school that a teacher used a chalk board last. Real old erasers too. My teacher says they are old and floppy like a shoe insert for an old man! She says some funny things when she speaks English. I actually like her more than the students in my class. She seems like more the type to hang out and have a drink with. Anyway here is the room…

In the Italian language there is I, You, He/She, You (plural), We and They. That is 6 different options depending on who and what you are speaking of and then deciding the proper way to say each word depending on whom! For example: the word “Eat” in Italian is “Mangiare”. I eat= mangio. You eat= si mangia. He/She ate=ha mangiato.  You (plural) eat= voi mangiate. We eat=che mangiamo.  They ate=mangivano. This is for EVERY word, it changes that much! I have a lot to learn this I know for certain. Speaking of eating. We had some hand-made fettucine pasta tonight with a simple sugo that I have been craving. Simple pasta like this is my favorite to eat at home. Except when T makes her pumpkin risotto, that is seriously the best. I cannot believe how easy it is to make too. I can’t wait to make it for everyone at home when pumpkin is in season. I just realized that when I get back home it will be close to October! That is perfect I will find some pumpkin easily next fall.

Wow. That seems so far away from now…one day at a time. One day at a time!


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