To buy or not to buy…that is always the question!

Posted on January 13, 2011


Dear Potato Panino,

Why were there potatoes in my panino today?! What is it with Italians and all the potatoes?? Patate fritte (fries) are like a staple I don’t understand! Kids and adults go crazy for these. What a joke today in my sandwich. I stopped into a little shop to get something to eat on my way to shop. I look through the little display glass and choose one that has chicken, tomato, and fresh mozzarella. They press it and bag it and I am on my way out. I came straight from school so I am carrying my terrible Red purse and three school books. Eating and walking with one hand is not so easy, especially on cobblestone, and on the dirty streets of Rome. I stop to sit at a nearby table to eat and people watch.  I unwrap my panino and take my first bite. It is mushy so I stopped chewing and look down in my sandwich..excuse me?! I find that there is sliced potato NOT mozzarella. I try another bite just to give it a chance. Nope. Cannot enjoy this. What the??? This does not make sense, maybe it was a mistake. I carefully remove the potato slices and slowly shake my head. I will definitely ask next time I order since at least I know how to do that. My Italian is getting better each day with practice. I pretty much only practice with strangers but that is what you have to do when you are by yourself all day! I pretty much talk to people selling food, clothes, hats, shoes, bags and gelato. Occasionally, jewelry too.

I actually did buy myself a nice long-sleeved shirt for a good deal that is a real pretty blue-green. No new bag. No new shoes. Still no hat either. I found a few more gifts today so that is good because I am almost ready to send these items home to the family! Speaking of sending things…My package from home came today! Good news is that is came..Finally! The bad news: it was 28 Euro for some fee for me to receive it! Expensive!! Once I send my gifts home that is it. No more sending anything to the States. Or asking for anything from home. Love you Mom and Dad!

I visited the Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church today while walking and shopping. I am still in search of the hat shop! Still didn’t find it but I asked T to show me where it is on the map and I now know why I didn’t find it. Difficult but it will be found! She also gave me an address of a special shoe store that is having a really good sale on real Italian leather boots. Funny thing about the church is that I must have walked by this church over 8 times since my arrival. I think I even took some pictures of the Piazza it is in. My oldest sister Rozena wanted to me to and see it because she really enjoyed it when she was here many years ago. It truly is a hidden gem! So gorgeous and enormous inside. I would have never guessed how far back the church goes once you enter. So colorful and fancy inside. From the outside it looks like a massive wall with a tiny hand-painted looking sign that tells the church’s name. The inside is something worth seeing for anyone that travels to Rome.

I have walked around and shopped so much this week I really hope to buy something for myself before my birthday Tuesday! This weekend I will try to treat myself to a movie and popcorn at one of the theatres that plays original films in original language. I always want the same things for my birthday. Hats and shoes! The famous hat place that I am searching for is called Borsalino. They are extremely special and the attention to detail is part of their history. I know that this will be expensive but I am only turning 26 in Rome once! My birthday weekend starts…NOW!

Happy Birthday Weekend to me.


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