Where is Luigi?…(The other Mario Brother?!)

Posted on January 14, 2011


Dear Birthday Weekend,

I am so happy that you showed me my first gift on this fantastic friday! I met another Americano that is also a nanny that attends my school. She has a similar schedule to mine and has been here for about 5 months and she is just as excited to meet me. We plan on hanging out and doing all the things that we both don’t want to do solo. For example like going to the Colosseum. She and I are going to be hanging out a lot so I can’t wait to write about our adventures in this city. We will be having my birthday dinner celebration tomorrow and maybe the movies sunday. Things just got better! I give this an 8 out of 10..so far.

Again with the potatoes today! I took a bit of something new at home at it was potato and cheese…like a fried ball?? I might end up hating potatoes by the end of this trip. For dinner we had some good pasta with mushrooms and sugo. Simple and tasty. We also drank a bottle of wine between the two of us in less than 45 minutes. It is friday and the week after vacation takes some effort! School has gone by and I realized how much my brain is tired and only extra wine can take care of those feelings. We said cheers to friday and rolled our eyes at eachother and sipped our wine while feeding the boys their first course.

If the weather stays nice it could be a great chance to go visit Villa Borghese finally. My new Americana friend says that is it just lovely and a must. I am still on that same mission for shoes, hat and purse so now that I have a shopping partner it will be much better! We found each other on Facebook and Skype today pretty easily. When class got out we met back up and I pulled out my prehistoric Nokia to get her number and I saw that I had a text from T. “meet me at the boys school at ten til one pm. They shut the door after 1.” Class let out a little late it was 12:40! I tried to text her back and get my new friends number at the same time. Wouldn’t you know? The phone dies. Perfect. She asked if I was on Facebook and I laughed and said of course. I was so far from the boys school…I decided to just get home and call T from the house phone to tell her what happened. It was no problem. I was supposed to meet her there today to get the boys and meet each teacher in case I have to go and pick them up alone. Better luck next week I guess.

Judo was today but they closed the doors so I have no clue if that guy was there or not. I put on my cute hat and lipstick but it didn’t matter. Instead I was surrounded by two screaming crying 2 year olds that both demanded their mothers attention. One of the little girls literally cried for one straight hour. I realized it was an hour because each boy has their own class for 45 minutes to an hour and Matteo came running out way too fast! That little girl fell asleep hard in the car when they finally left. I am sure of it. That much crying made me feel exhausted!! I began reading a new book while we were there waiting for the boys to finish. There is a “revolving library” at my school so I swiped a book that is supposed to make me laugh. It has not yet and I am 27 pages in. Mario Brothers was also played on and off for about 3.5 hours today…I decided I have a Love/Hate relationship with Mario. It doesn’t even matter what time of day as soon as Tommaso sees me he asks me if I want to play Mario. Each day I learn a new way of saying, “not now” “after dinner” “maybe later”  or “how about tomorrow?” It makes me laugh to play and I think that I try to limit myself because I get so involved and into it! Why are the games called Mario Brothers when Luigi has no part in it?? Where is Luigi in this game and why is this brother shunned? Is it because he is a skinny Italian and has a weak mustache…? Who knows. Why are they the “Mario Brothers”? It is Mario and Luigi.. don’t they have a LAST name?? I wonder if they ever considered calling them the Luigi Brothers…? I like that better they should create a new version with just Luigi! Maybe in 2013 Luigi Brothers will come out…Dare to dream.

A very funny thing happened at dinner tonight. T and I opened wine before dinner, which has NEVER happened, plus T doesn’t drink that much anyhow.  That is not the funny part. Just wait…”asppeta” in Italian.  At home in Reno we would drink before dinner all the time. Way before we actually sat down to the table we could polish off two or three depending on the guests…I helped set the table and get the boys seated. Matteo was asking for the “orange cup” and I misunderstood and thought he was asking for “Orange juice” so I ran in the kitchen, pulled out 4 oranges and started juicing them! I brought it to the table and put it in front of him and he gave me an awkward look and put the cup at his mother’s seat. A moment later T came in from the kitchen holding the orange cup that he requested! Oooops. Another note to self: Listen carefully next time and ASK what the kid wants!

You know what I had due to my mistake? Orange juice in the orange cup! It tasted delightful so no matter!!


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