Italian leather and Cupcakes!

Posted on January 15, 2011


Dear Fontana di Trevi,

This fountain is a LOT bigger than I imagined! Yes, I threw the coin over my left shoulder and took pictures like the true tourista that I am. What a beautiful fountain, obviously the most gorgeous I have seen. So far. There were so many people around taking photos and throwing their coins. I cannot wait to return and take more pictures during the daytime. My new friend B and I took a stroll over to the fountain in search of some gelato after a lovely dinner and a bottle of wine. My new favorite gelato flavor of the month is “cannella” which is cinnamon! Heaven in a cup accompanied with a mini spoon! I began my birthday celebration dinner with a glass of perfectly bubbly prosecco. My new best friend actually baked me some cupcakes and brought  them to me!! I don’t think that any of my friends has ever baked me anything!! So sweet and thoughtful! She even placed little candles on the six cupcakes that spelled out, “Auguri”, which translates to “best wishes” or sort of a way to say “all the best!” from her! How awesome is she?

We met up at Piazza Del Popolo around 5:30 then walked and talked until we stumbled on a little spot to stop to eat and drink. We enjoyed some small bites and a nice bottle of red. Then shared some crepes with spinach and ricotta and some meat lasagna. Pretty cheesy but tasty and such nice conversation! All in english but we are just excited to meet one another and getting to know each other. We will practice our Italian during the week, but during the weekend we just enjoy talking to each other without thinking of the correct verbs! Her Italian is really good and she has barely been here for 5 months! She assures me that I will be great in no time. I believe her she is good and comfortable with the language. Fluent I will be!

On my way to meet her I shopped around again and finally purchased new black boots!!! Yes, finally the search is OVER! They are the ones and I am very happy with my decision. Happy Birthday in Roma Lexie!! Still in search of a new bag and the hat will happen eventually. Here are my new beloved black  boots (Stevali Neri)…

When I was taking the bus earlier today I laughed when I watched this young couple walking arms linked with their Ipods or Iphones hooked to ear buds and cell phone in the other. I wondered if they were texting each other while walking!? What is it with technology getting in the way of actual interaction? I think that since being here I have become a professional people watcher, if the proffesion exists…observing others is my gift. At home I love it to but here is something else!

Another funny fact I learned today is that there are 31 McDonalds in this area alone. I have seen 1 Burger King and that is it. These crazy Italians love them some McDonalds I don’t get it!! All the good food and home-made pasta?? I will never forget the first day that the family here picked me up we went to Macdonalds on the way home! There would never be such a thing as drive-thru around here which is funny in itself. Today I saw a young kid skateboarding too! Which I found very brave…skating over cobblestone requires some special skills I was impressed by the small teenager and his expensive kicks!

After dinner and gelato B and I decided it was getting late so we parted ways after she showed me how to take the Metro. It was my first time taking it and it was FAST! I am glad that we parted ways at Via Nazionale. Another area I have not been to until tonight. I waited for my bus and noticed some guys (regazzi) standing around the front of a small ristorante. They greeted me in a formal and respectful way and didn’t try to talk me into going inside to eat. Usually when guys are outside the ristorante they are begging you to come in and eat. It is almost harassment and it can be quite annoying! These guys were nice and began a conversation with me. After I told them I was from America one began speaking some decent English to me. I learned his name was Michael (Mikele..sounding in Italian..) “a nice boy” my Nana would say. Perhaps I will come back since he asked me to come see him least his name wasn’t Luca!!! He was very cute and I could look him in the dark eyes. Maybe it was the liquid courage from dinner and the cannella high?

I am going back for Gelato for sure and to see the Trevi Fountain in the daytime so maybe I will see the “nice boy” again.


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