Sunday Bloody Sunday…

Posted on January 16, 2011


Dear Nuova Olympia,

This is the smallest theatre that I have ever seen to watch movies! I arrived there really early and the doors were not open yet. I walked around in my new boots and watched my step through the cobblestone. I realize that the movies are right behind the little street where the hat store is that I have desperately been seeking! But of course it is closed on Sunday! Now I know exactly where it is but I will wait til mid-week to go back since many shops are closed on Monday and Tuesday as well. I don’t want to chance it. Once I make it back to the theatre there is a long lined formed so I take my place in a line of about 30 or so people. This particular theatre only has two movies playing in original language with Italian subtitles. I get through the line and am anxious to get a popcorn and maybe a treat and get seated. I purchase my one ticket after she asked me if I wanted two, nope, it is just me. There are two doors marked A and B. I came there to watch a UK movie called Tamara Drewe. The other movie playing was Hereafter, which I saw in the States back in October. There is NO POPCORN or any concession stand as a matter of fact. I am deeply disappointed. I miss popcorn so much! That is seriously one of my top three favorite things to eat! Oh well I walk through door B and find a seat that is not TOO close to the tiny screen. There were probably a total of about 50 seats and two bathrooms in this tiny room. I always say that at home in the States there should be toilets INSIDE the theatre you’re in so you don’t have to actually leave and miss too much of your movie. It would be genius to put screens in the bathrooms so you truly don’t miss a thing but that is just wishful thinking! This little movie theatre gets a 4 out of 10. It was easy to get to from home, the line wasn’t too bad and my seat was ok. I was pretty comfortable with my coat and purse seated next to me as my date until a trio of ladies asked if I would scoot on over. I was happy to speak to them in Italian, even if it was only a few short words so I happily moved.

UK humor is, what is the word? Different. Sort of dark yet complex. There were some funny scenes I suppose, some one-liners here and there but the entirety of the film was overall very sad! I only like sad movies when I am sad, I wanted some laughs…Next time I will make sure that it is a true comedy or love story. It was almost distracting with the Italian subtitles because since I wasn’t really into the movie I was reading the subtitles. As you are aware UK movies sure do use a lot of profanity so I basically got a curse words lesson! I was still happy to be watching a movie in a theatre for my birthday weekend but next time I will appreciate popcorn and a larger theatre!

I caught my bus home and made it just in time for dinner. It was one of my favorites, which is a cici beans with rosemary pasta dish that is very hearty and simple. I was happy to find that was what we were eating because strangely I was thinking about this dish on my walk to the bustop. We shared a beer or two and practiced some English during dinner with the boys. They love to ask “come si dice in English…?”  (..”how do you say”..) I am just happy that I understand what they are asking me! A few weeks ago they would be asking me how to say something in Italian and I wouldn’t even know what they were talking about at all!

Happy for Monday and school tomorrow! I never thought I would ever say these words or let alone write them and know that I  could never take them back now…The written word is so much stronger! Yes, I am excited for class in the morning and this week. I also made the decision to get up before the boys and do my workout and be ready earlier. I don’t take long to get ready so I think its best to commit to working out first thing to get it out-of-the-way. I am always the first one to arrive at school so I think it is better to hang back and take my time to eat something in the morning before I leave. Plus if I am up before the boys than I won’t have their loud wake-up scream for their Mama! I usually wake up before my alarm and before they start yelling but I think If I force myself out of bed I won’t be as irked so early! I have a short to do list tomorrow that consists of: getting stamps for postcards, go to the supermercato, and get a bus/Metro pass. I take the bus much more than I thought and instead of buying tickets everyday I can buy a monthly pass for a lot cheaper.  Also, I am having phone issues so I probably have to buy more airtime for my ancient Nokia phone. I think my minutes were wasted  before I learned how to lock the keypad. The phone tried to get on the internet and that used up my time card chip. Trust me I didn’t try to use the internet on this thing! I believe that it was a case of the purse-dial. Opposed to the butt-dial, this phone wouldn’t even fit in my pocket!!

I am happy that I have found almost all my gifts to send home to friends and family. I only need to buy about 3 more things and then I can send them off! It will take a while to get home but I am very excited to write everyone little notes with their presents. I hope that the postage fees are not too ridiculously priced from this end…

Got to talk with some friends on Skype today that were having a “Sunday-Funday!” it is Martin Luther King Jr tomorrow so no work! Any excuse to drink on Sunday when in Reno. I almost miss those Sunday days. However, I don’t miss the slow Monday following too much fun the day before.

Cin-Cin friends in Reno on this lovely Sunday!


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