Clerical bibs and Lucky Strikes!

Posted on January 17, 2011


Dear Fettucine Al Salmone,

The tastiest pasta that I have had since day one! Fresh made egg pasta with a smoked salmon red sauce to die for. The service was still not great but I would return for the pasta any day of the week. We thought it would be nice to sit outside so we took a seat and the waiter brought us menus. We felt really hungry so we became impatient pretty fast. After we sat and she smoked a Lucky Strike (I didn’t know these still existed!) he still had not come out to take our order so we decided to sit inside. We let ourselves in and sat at a 4 top table. When our waiter finally noticed us he asked us to sit at a tiny 2 top so we obliged and moved. This place was very loud, packed and smelled amazing. No wonder the guy forgot  about us outside, it was crazy busy inside! Plates stacking, bells ringing, corks popping and wineglasses clinking… This little crowded place was jumping with people and half of them were priests!! You know you hit the jackpot when there are fully dressed priests tucking their napkins in their clerical collar like a bib! They were all enjoying their afternoon vino as well.  A friend from class and I decided to go and have lunch together since we were both free and haven’t hung out yet. Her boyfriend just left to Iraq so she says she will be solo here for at least 3 months. When I met her I remember thinking that she and her man have their own plans and that we most likely wouldn’t be doing much together. I was wrong! She hates to be alone too so we definitely will hang after school during the week. She told me that yesterday she went to the same theatre as me and saw Hereafter and was also heartbroken about the popcorn! We agreed that we would try another Cinema on the weekend with a full concession to indulge in.

I feel as though my birthday already came and left. It is actually tomorrow but I still can’t believe that I will be 26! Luckily, I don’t feel “vechio” (old)! I think that I will drag my birthday out and continue on into my “birthday week”. At home it would be a “birthday month” so 10 days of “birthday” will have to do. I still want to buy myself that hat so perhaps I will go and do that before Judo tomorrow…Kind of running low on funds but I can still look! The “winter sales” go through February so at least I will get paid again while there are still great deals. Only buy on sale!

Today in class was so far my least favorite day. We practiced speaking and creating hypothetical dialogue with some characters from our text-book. It was pretty much a short game of “lets stereotype and guess these people’s nationalities”. I personally don’t like this game since people always think I am the wrong nationality. Anyhow, I prefer to have “real” conversations with the students that actually have to do with our real personalities and what we are doing here. I understand the lesson was to be able to talk about other people and where they are from but still. We talked about this over lunch and she agreed that fake conversation about nationalities isn’t the best way to practice. I don’t care if ” Signore Ho Chen” is “Cinese. Non Giapponese” When I meet someone Asian-looking I don’t ask if they are Chinese, Japanese or Korean so I sure as hell am not going to here in Rome!

I am sure that tomorrows lesson will be better! Plus tomorrow “e il mio compleanno!” I am having a huge glass of wine and dessert for lunch. I hope that we have some special pasta for dinner and no mystery meat. I have come to realize that I don’t prefer a lot of carne so far. I have experienced some meat a few times that I will never try again. I didn’t even want to know what I put in my mouth when they told me that they “use the entire animal”. I didn’t even want to ask what kind of beast we were eating but it sure was something “game-y”. I barely tolerate elk in the states. God knows what other animals are slaughtered in these butcher shops and cooked at home and restaurants. I must get my hands on a tiny hand-held Italiano-Inglese Dizionario. I saw one downstairs and I knew that I should have just bought it that day! It will be used daily for the words I want and need to know and it will be a reminder of what NOT to eat. I give everything one chance and that is it. Then it is “mi piace” or “non mi piace”….I like or I DON’T like!!! Sometimes two chances..I have to make sure that I am into it or not!

So far…mi piace formaggio e pane. (cheese and bread…of course) and Mi piace pasta e vino.  Amo Gelato!!! (I love)

OH! Finally beat Mario Brothers today!!! Passed the huge castle and now the game is OVER! No more Mario…mi piace…mi stanco di Mario! (I am tired of Mario!)


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