Something old, something said, something borrowed, and something red…

Posted on January 20, 2011


Dear Red Umbrella,

I want to take the time to thank you for being there for me throughout this rainy day. I woke up, before my alarm, to some loud little boys playing in the hallway very early this morning. I always open my window first thing when I get out bed to let in some light from the sun. Today there was no sunshine. It was raining pretty hard and very overcast. For such dismal weather I was actually excited to use my new umbrella that I got for Christmas. A friend let me borrow her polka-dot one (Thanks “Beeez!”) but today I wanted to try something new. One new thing a day is key. Even if its just a red umbrella.

Class went better today, or maybe I am just excited for Friday to be here. I really enjoy my time away from the house and since me and another girl from class are totally free together we have started to hang out a lot! I had made plans to meet the caffe guy around 1 at the Piazza St. Pietro to have lunch. I knew that I didn’t want it to be a “date” and my friend L said that he might think that it is. In fact she said that he probably hoped that it was! For safety reasons I told her just to join me. She told me that she didn’t want to be the “3rd wheel” and I assured her that if I bring her that proves this was not a date. He was obviously let down when we were both walking up to meet him. She considered bailing but I did not want her to leave me!! Two minutes into our plan of which way to walk to eat he linked arms with me and L followed us through the cobblestones. I gave her the wide-eyed “I am Sorry” look and just shook my head and used my thumb to point at this guy. Who does he think he is? I don’t know how to handle this so I just let him hold my arm and we pressed on. We finally get to a great little spot and sit down. We enjoy some Chianti, prosciutto pizza, caprese salad and he ordered something and did not offer us a bite or tell us what it was. Strike 1. L and I have been having lunch together so we share everything, we have that culinary understanding and appreciation to let others enjoy what you are eating. Sharing is caring while day drinking is daring. My words to live by!

After our light lunch we went to have a caffe down the street. At the place we ate they didn’t have the Ginseng caffe that I have come to love to he took us where he knew they had it. It was just ok. He reminds me that not only is the one he made the best one at his work but that it will always be free for me. It really was the best one I have had. Or maybe free just tastes better? We finish and we walk L to her Metro stop. She didn’t have an umbrella so she and I walked under mine together. Luckily, we are the same height so sharing an umbrella works well for us. After we tell each other “ciao” and 8 kisses to the cheek are exchanged he and I began the walk my direction home. He takes the umbrella and puts his arm around me and we stomp on through the rain. I personally don’t like to walk like this with many people, let alone someone I just met! He would not let go of me so we stepped awkwardly and he held the umbrella over me, every once in a while tipping the water on my head! If you and the other person just don’t have the same hop in your step I feel like I am tripping over an imaginary chain. Strike 2. To me it’s as annoying and useless as two people on a date sitting on the same side of the booth and ordering the same meal!!! (same thing goes for a woman sitting in the middle seat in a truck and it is just two people. Exception to sitting middle: If a dog is taking the window seat. Dog must exceed 40 pounds.) Holding hands is acceptable and not as forced as walking together but still has its faults. Same thing here applies though if your hand just doesn’t fit in someone elses…it should feel effortless. He tried to hold my hand too, which was also strange in itself. He first kissed my hand, fine, that is sweet, but then he held it like I was a princess being led down stairs but we were walking on the street. This is something new or just an accident? Either way the worst part was the L didn’t want to be a 3rd wheel and to be clear I didn’t want to be part of a 2-wheel! By the time we got to my bustop he full on tried to kiss me! Strike 3. I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to do except keep looking over his shoulder for my bus! We just met this is all too much for me. I say goodbye and jump on my bus. He is standing there with his hood on, leather coat, jeans and Addidas watching me leave with his hands shoved in his pockets. He looks so satisfied with himself I don’t get it. That was not successful or graceful at all. It starts to rain again and he winks at me and nods. I hope that maybe he just got something in his eye? Perhaps a raindrop? Nope, it was a wink. Ohhh what to do about this pazzo Italiano (crazy). He leaves to Paris for a week so I have time to figure out how to get him to accept that I just want some real Roman friends here.

To a grande fine settimana! (a great weekend!)

Lex also known as Nancie

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