Sugo Sunday versus Sunday Funday

Posted on January 23, 2011


Dear Diary,

I forgot to mention this funny part at the end of dinner on Saturday night. I have this little black and white book that  I use periodically during the day to take “notes” or post “reminders” about my day. There can be funny sayings written, people’s names, how to spell piazzas correctly, an address or name of a place and always the date. I need these mini reminders for when I come home to write every night. I was writing the “I feel naked without my phone…” line from yesterday and our waiter came back over, peeked over my shoulder and said, “ohhh you have a diary?? You will write about me???” I laughed and told him that I am a writer and need my notes. He winks and says sure. I tell him that I will change his name IF I write about him. For privacy. I instead just didn’t share his name. Yet…

I finally went and  got the pre-paid card for my cell today! I can text and call now but I am not that excited about it. Strange enough I actually became comfortable without a phone and have enjoyed the freedom away from my “crack-berry”. Carrying around my ancient Nokia is work and makes my purse THAT much heavier! Plus “Tim” the phone company might become expensive to use. I did receive a good night text last night but I could not respond until today. I wrote him back at 2 but did not hear from him until after 5:30. I didn’t even notice the text until almost an hour after it came. I have the phone turned down really low and the vibrate is off. There are literally only FIVE people in my contact list! Amazing. Texting, just like EVERYTHING, else here in Italy takes forever. Over a period of 4 hours I received 4 messages…one at 5:36, 6:21,7:24 and then 9:13! Same conversation the entire time…unbelievable. So far I have found 2 things similar to home. One: bottled water. Two: slot machines at the same location that one would buy cigarettes. This is a completely different world over here. I still cannot wrap my head around the time differences. Not only did I finally adjust but I am now learning how to adapt to a 24 hour clock. Everything is posted in “military time” as we would say in the states. I have to stop, think and count from 12…13:00 is 1pm, 14:00 is 2pm and so on. I am sure that it becomes easier but as of now I still have to count on my fingers the time. When I am getting home for dinner my sister is just getting out of bed and thinking about breakfast burritos! Speaking of burritos, man, I do miss me some mexican food. Yes, no doubt, the food here is fantastico, but sometimes I still just want a #11 at Jimboys Tacos! I figured out how to explain to my friends and family at home that I am not a different person here it just seems that I am “an alternative version of myself” while here. I am not as wild and loud as people know me, I am the opposite. I am calm and collected and the quietest person I have been in my entire life! I listen more than speak and I eat more than I drink! When I do speak I speak s-l-o-w-l-y the only thing that has not changed is my laugh. When something IS funny I will laugh and laugh loud!

L really was craving Burger King (Who knows why anyone really prefers fast food ANYWHERE in the world) so I told her that I would take her to the one I knew of on Via Tritone. This one is the closest one and only one that I know of. I know this because I am super observant and used this particular one as reference when I was shoe shopping and had to come back to this corner. I tell her it might take us an hour or so from where we were but she was on a mission. “I need meat!” she says. I personally have not had ANY Burger King since high-school. This was back in the day when they had those mini-cinnabuns to dip in frosting. Many, many years ago. Fast food has never been my thing. I hardly ever drink soda, which L thinks is strange since she drinks 2 cokes a day while with me. By the time we get there (hour twenty minutes later) I am sort of hungry but really don’t want this. She doesn’t want to eat alone and offers to just buy me something. This was the largest BK I have ever seen in my life. Easily over 200 people could inhale their burgers and fries in this two-story Fast Food joint. I decide on just a cheeseburger. No fries no drink. Even the cashier looked at like me like I was crazy that I didn’t want a soda. “Niente!?” (nothing!?) I ask for some ketchup and L tells me she got some. They are .15 Euros EACH! What the hell fast food is even expensive in the Eternal City! Almost 6 Euro just for a burger? I suppose in a world of pizza, pasta, fish, and bread Italians want something different once in a while. They should have asked for an In-N-Out not Macdonalds or BK!

I eat my burger with my .15 Euro packet of ketchup in silence. It is not that great. I lied that free food tastes 10 times better! But I realize that I am hungry and take a few Hydro-zyme vitamins to wash it all down and help me digest this cibo gratis (free food sounds like Chee-bo Grat-is). Thanks for the burger L but next time I will just pass and get a gelato. I feel no guilt eating this blissful treat. Mangiare BK? Non va bene per me.

Once I get home I change into something comfortable and call my sister. It is 10am in Reno and she is waking up with a breakfast burrito on her mind! By the time dinner rolls around Matteo comes to my room to tell me “pronti”! Dinner is “ready”! Simple sugo and pasta. I love when it is “Sugo Sunday”. I made this up but I like it best when we just have a simple red sauce and perfectly al dente pasta. Especially on Sunday when the weekend comes to an end and Monday creeps back on me. Such a different Sugo Sunday in Rome compared to a wild “Sunday Funday” in Reno!

To Sugo on Sunday! And champagne in Reno…


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