“You don’t kiss me hello???”

Posted on January 27, 2011


Dear Popcorn,

I finally got to enjoy not only popcorn but a real movie at the cinema! The popcorn was not the buttery goodness that always gives me an upset stomach at home but goodness with excess salt. I was invited to the cinema with the nice boy from the ristorante that I spent 4 hours in last weekend. He was very sweet and didn’t make me hold his hand! He led me while we walked together and tried his best to explain the movie to me when I looked totally lost. The movie was really funny but he tells me that it would be even funnier if I really understood the entire story! Yes, my first Italian movie experience. I really laughed a lot and I probably understood about 10% of the dialogue but I went to the movies in Rome and ate popcorn! No complaints about him either. He would explain things that I actually understood, which was funny, so I must have looked like I understood the more complex scenes! The movie was called Che Bella Giornata, which means A Beautiful Day. I hope to watch it again and see how much my Italian improves.

We had made plans to go to the movies but the struggle was actually coming together and meeting somewhere. And everything takes f o r e v e r. He knows of my street but has never been there before and didn’t know how to find me. The buses we on a strike so I knew that I was going to have to walk a while before he could find me.This conversation began about 8:15 and I actually got into his car at almost 10pm! I explained where to go and get to my street but we still had problems getting to one another. He assured me that some of the buses still run during said strikes…I saw ONE bus in the 15 minutes I walked towards where he was. It was not going my direction. Strikes happen. I finally managed to get him to understand which way to go to come and pick me up so I didn’t have to walk any further. Once I got inside his car I was distracted and checking out the inside of it that I forgot to properly greet him. “You don’t kiss me hello?!” he says demanding a “ciao, ciao, kiss, kiss” to each cheek! I forgot this is the way to say hi to EVERYONE, not just interesting males. It is customary and the way it goes. Ooops. Note to self: Kiss hello. He drives some crazy small car that is dark green called a “Citron”?? It is a convertible in the summer which could be fun. He tells me that the water is only 30 minutes away. I thought I was farther away than that! It is supposed to get warm here in about a month. I am ready for new weather and lounging on the beach! Sand in Rome must be unreal! I can’t wait for the sunshine and less clothes! I am tired of layering and always wearing a jacket.

Earlier in the day T was telling me a little about what she was doing at her work. She is working on a large project sort of like “Make a Wish/Save the Children” but based here in Rome. After the boys stressed her out by hiding some book she needed for work she asked me if there was a “Save the Mothers'” program. I thought she was seriously asking me if there was this foundation when in fact she was just making a joke! Sometimes I think too literally and forget that she is funny sometimes! I might create a “Save the Nancies” program for Nanny abroad. Only sometimes I feel like I need to be saved. And not in the Jesus way but the “please let me sleep” and “please no more Mario Brothers!” kind of way! Perhaps I could start with Church one day while I am here. The churches are all very beautiful. If I can enjoy a movie in full Italian I am sure that I could enjoy a Mass in Italian no problems.

I did not blog last night because by the time that I go home from the movies it was late and the computer was down. I realized that I was pretty tired and didn’t want the computer crashing to ruin my good mood from a successful date with a non-creepy Italian.

Ciao  for now,


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