The Ribbed Pipe…

Posted on January 28, 2011


Dear Locorotundo,

The white wine that I have never had. I just like the name more than the flavor but any wine on Friday is fantastic to me. I am always so pleased and excited when the weekend graces me with its presence (and presents!) when I am lucky enough. This wine is from the area of Pulgia, which is in Southern Italy, sweet and unheard of. I looked up the area and some facts about the wine and one site shared that this particular wine is “cheap and decent!” I like the way those two words sound together pertaining to wine.

Tomorrow T leaves for the weekend for work. She is going to Bologna, which is a short train ride of about 2.5 hours. She says I have to “play the mother” while she is gone! She was half-joking but she meant help throughout the weekend dressing them, feeding them, playing etc. I usually go out on the weekends and am technically “off” work but I don’t mind helping out while she is away at work. I have plans to go out tomorrow night for dinner and drinks but the boys will already be asleep by the time I leave. T really laughed today when she asked me what my plans were for tomorrow I told her that my friend and I were planning a “late dinner” and were to go out after. She asked what time and I told her around 8:30…She laughed. No, she really laughed out loud and told me that is EARLY not LATE. So I responded, “so late is more like 10pm??” and she told me yes, but 10 is still not THAT late. I have some adjusting still pending over appropriate times to mangiare (eat).

For lunch today I came home and made myself some pasta with fresh zucchini, carrots and a quick red sauce. Sort of a vegetable pasta if you will…I think this is the first dish that I actually cooked for myself here in this house. I cut the onion and carrots and sautéed them slowly. Added a little salt and let them “sweat”.  Then added some red sauce while the pasta cooked. I added the zucchini last to keep it fresh and not overcooked. My new favorite pasta is called “le Pipe Rigate” which means,”the ribbed pipe ” the pasta sort of looks like little shells. I promise that this pasta tastes better than it looks! Guardare…(look)…peppered and cheesed up!

The boys really like fresh squeezed orange juice so today I prepared them some “blood orange” juice. Here it is not called blood orange but Arancia Rossa (red orange). Super fresh and tasty. Also fed them some tiny paninos with cooked ham (proscuitto cotto). All of the “fresh deli” meat here is unbelievably tasty and so cheap! There are many butcher shops (macelleria) and supermarkets that slice everything fresh for you on the spot. The paninos that we make for the boys are the size of a “slider”at home yet feeding Matteo tiny bites takes almost twenty minutes! I could probably eat 10 this size over a twenty-minute period! Not that I would but I am just saying that it takes a long time to make him eat. Sometimes he doesn’t want anything at all which is difficile. I feel bad when I force him to eat. The best distraction is to put on a film on the mini DVD player and he will eat almost anything if you spoon feed him! I learned that the first 2 weeks upon my arrival. The best thing about the boys and their eating habits is that they eat everything that we eat! I have never seen children as young as them eat so many different types of vegetables and fish. And like it.

“Dimmi!” This is my absolute favorite word for now. It literally just means “tell me” but in context it is like saying “tell me everything” or “talk to me!” I love it and I started to say it once in a while. As needed and appropriate of course. Matteo and I have short conversations and exchange Italian words for English words daily. It seems like we are bartering more than bantering! When he asked me how to say something in English I tell him the word then he responds and says it back with a confident nod but sort of “asks” me at the same time as he repeats. It is like he knows the word already kind of tone. I say “come si dice in English…pesche” and he will ask me if he forget then say “fish” but it is really cute and funny. When he says a brand new English word he says it in a reassuring tone like he is actually telling me, “si, shark!” as if he has heard it 100 times before. I love it!  Perhaps it is just cute and entertaining for me? All I know is these boys keep me on my toes and on the Rescue Remedy…

Tonight the “toys had a war” in their bedroom. It was just Matteo and about 5 different toys all mixed up together. For the most part there is a system of keeping each type of toy together and separate. For example there is a large tote for all the legos, mini cans for the tiny legos, bags for the cowboys and indians, plastic containers for the soldiers and animals and large boxes for animals and wooden toys. Each said toy? Mixed and thrown into ONE big pile today. It took me about 45 minutes to separate and put away ALL the toys. Usually the boys help me do this but I didn’t mind Skyping with my mother while picking up. She just laughed and reminded me why Katie and I played in the garage in Antioch. So she can shut the door. My mother is the smartest woman I know. The boys also have these special figures called Gormiti that are some crazy little characters that are, in my opinion, ugly and sort of scary, but they LOVE them. There is also another show that is super popular called “Ben 10” which I think is a terribly lame show. Then again if I was under the age of 10 I would think it was the coolest show ever and want every backpack, figure and toy as well. When in Rome.

I developed some serious trust between me and Matteo I have come to realize. Yesterday he gave me a kiss!! Un bacio! xoxo! So sweet and adorable! And today we began the game where he lets me put my feet on him stomach and “fly him” while I am laying on the couch! We laugh so much everyday but since he trusted me enough to hold him up like that I think it is a great step for us. The only thing I was worried about was that he might literally pee on me since we were laughing so hard while “flying!” He did not have any accidents (that I know of) today. The other had a little accident in the tub I guess?? Matteo came and told me the story in Italian that his brother number 2’d in the tub while they were taking their bath…Yes I am sure that is what he said. We all know what caca is…awwww merda… one of the first times that I heard “merda” here in Rome it was out of Tommaso’s mouth! He knows what he said. I tried not to laugh since I understood as well. Merda the Tub…

I have been watching Glee and Sex & the City in Italian and it is still really funny and just as good. I am tempted to put it in English but the best way to learn is to watch and listen to TV in another language. So they say…..


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