Waxed to the Max and Tequila for Italians!!!

Posted on January 30, 2011

Dear Caffe Corretto,

I knew that I would forever prefer you but NOT after all the drinks that I “taste-tested” last night!! Caffe Corretto is a little espresso with Sambuca or other liquor. Probably a better idea in the daytime versus the night time. Caffe jacks me up! Probably always better solo, not after mounds of pasta and other booze. Note to self: don’t drink everything that is placed in front of you just because it is FREE. Gratis is a word that I am loving here but the consequences can be unfavorable. Surprisingly, I feel better than I thought that I would. No doubt I NEEEDED water immediately after waking up at 7:30 am (to Matteo or Tommaso calling for their mother whom is out-of-town..) I arrived home last night around 4am. I mean 4:30 THIS morning. Tired and a tipsy.

L and I met up around 7:45 for dinner at Zeus. We planned on 6:45-7 but we are never right about time frames coming from each direction for us. I, for the first time ever, felt what claustrophobia is. I was shoved in a corner of Bus 64 on my way to meet her and couldn’t breathe or move. I was also annoyed at myself for taking a bus in a circle. I took one bus to catch the 64 and then realized that it back-tracked and took me exactly where I was prior. I am learning a little more each bus adventure. There are so many options and buses it is overwhelming so sometimes I get on one and hope for the best and to arrive near my destination if anything!

Once I arrived (45 minutes late, I truly am adopting Italian traits) to meet L she was starving so we went to the ristorante earlier than planned. Our “reserved” table was waiting for us. It was not 8 yet and I knew that we would be there til midnight. That is what time is closes and we made plans with “the guy”/our waiter to go have a drink after he got off work. Since we were there again for another 4 hours we had quite the spread! We started with some Bruschetta with pomodoro and basil and some fresh melon and prosciutto. Delish melon! Then we had some rigatoni Amatriciana, which is a slightly spicy red sauce with pecorino and pork cheek (bacon but more fatty) followed by a steak and small salad. The first pasta dish was with bolognese sauce and a mistake that was brought to us. Bolognese is not my favorite so we sent it back. The steak was cooked right but possible cut wrong? I was full from the first two dishes so I didn’t really eat that much steak. L and I shared all of these dishes, I cannot imagine eating all that by myself! After all the drinks that I later had I should have forced myself to eat more protein! After I drank the wine and our dishes were cleared he brought us each a tiramisu and limoncello.

During our small feast L and began a serious discussion about men’s eyebrows here in Rome. Seriously some guys here have really perfectly groomed eyebrows and some just look like young handsome trannies. Waxed to the max; it is just unusual and unnatural. Non mi piace overly waxed brows on dudes!

We tried to take our time eating and drinking but after 10 we got restless and began the taste-test extravaganza…Bad plan. This is us after dessert but pre-super drinks and caffe kicks!

L didn’t participate like I did. After the limoncello I tried grappa…ughhh! Non mi piace. I don’t like it at all. But as we say at home,” you can’t bitch about free stuff” so I finished the small shot. Then came the caffe Corretto. We were feeling tired from all the food and drink so a little caffe with a kick was a test. Sambuca and espresso? si, mi piace. As the ristorante came to a close we were invited to the back from the chef. I just love making friends with the entire ristorante crew. He told us to go to the back where the liquor and caffe was and to “pick as you want” some shots for us to take. We landed on some fancy tequila. Perche?? WHY? I don’t know but I lined up 5 shot glasses, poured and passed them out. Only one other person took the shot to chef and I said “cin-cin” and did a double shot. Tequila dopio! Once we gathered all of our things and were walking out L and I realized that we never paid our bill! Chef just laughed and told us not to worry about it and that it was taken care of. WOW! Mille grazie! All the food and drinks would have been expensive they must really like us!

Once we left the ristorante it was after midnight. It was four of us and my one umbrella. Always raining here. Once we arrived at a pub it was loud and crowded with nowhere to sit so we tried another pub further away. I decided to have an Italian whiskey and water. I have officially mixed almost every booze I could so what was one last drink? Sadly, my tolerance level is still pretty much intact from living and drinking in Reno. I felt extremely tired most of today and luckily my head did NOT hurt! After the pub we went to one of their houses since there was a little party going on. It was sort of low-key and calm so us four put on a film and both us girls were falling in and out of sleep! Tipsy and tired. By the time we got home it was past 4am! I slept in but my day dragged that little bit. Didn’t eat much either. But I did treat myself to some Gelato. I tasted a few then asked for some Nutella mix and Nocciola (hazelnut) but instead was handed Nutella and Cioccolata. I didn’t say chocolate but oh well I shut up and ate it anyhow. I was too tired to complain.

L and I didn’t spend ANY money last night so we decided to go to the Cinema for some original language laughs at the movies. There are so many theatres but so few with films in English. I mapped out where to go and went to meet her at the Cinema. We made it in time but then had to wait in a crazy big line to get our tickets. There was not a concession stand so again disappointment set in. I just want some FRESH popcorn why can’t there just be some!? L gets a coke and some “Cipsters” (pronounced like Chipsters) they taste like salty veggie poofs. What of it. The film is NOT funny it is probably one of the saddest movies I have seen in over 5 years!! I really got tears in my eyes two times during the film! Strange enough there was an intermezzo during the movie! A short intermission for snacks and bathroom breaks. We should have this in the states since our movies are sooooooo long. Smart but took me by surprise. Barney’s Version was the movie. Don’t watch it unless you feel like being depressed. 7,50, two laughs and two tears later I was walking towards a bus stop and on my home. I was happy that I received a text from “Zeus”, the ristorante guy. For his privacy I will now refer to him solely as Zeus. The text made me happy again so I escaped my dull depression from the film. He really is sweet this one. He usually will end his text with “un bacio.” A kiss. Sort of like a “xoxo” I suppose. He says memorable things like, “cold hands…warm heart” and “I don’t know you yet but I am trying to know you better.” He sure says the “F” word a lot though. My Nana would say he is a “nice boy with a sailor mouth!” I cuss a lot as well but since I have been here I don’t curse as much as I used to at home. But since spending time with him I re-gained my sailor mouth.

Good effin’ night already! Finally this day is over! Effin’ scuola in the morning…last week of class already!


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