Mi piace il Calcio…I like Soccer

Posted on January 31, 2011


Dear Afternoon Naps,

You make me feel so much better when I am molto stanca (very tired)! After watching some Sex & the City in Italian I became even more tired. My brain has processed so much in the last 60 days! These boys wear me out and learning this new language is not as easy as I had hoped. I know that it is becoming easier each day but trying to keep these boys entertained and have them not yell is more work than speaking this new language! These boys are just loud all the time. I know now for sure it is just a “boy” thing. The crashing, spitting, and fighting is all very normal.  The saying, “boys will be boys” is more true than ever.

Today in class we learned more about how to tell time and ask about the time of day. I am still adjusting to the 24 hour clock! I know how to ask what time it is but understanding someone’s response is the challenge. Noon is “E’ mezzogiorno” and midnight is “E’ mezzonotte.” Those are easy, fine. The informal way to ask the time is “che ore sono?” If someone responds that it is 18:35, not only do I need to remember and realize these two numbers…”sono le diciotto (18) e trentacinque” (35) but then I have to think about what time that is…18 is 6pm. This is work for my brain! Why have I never had to know 24 hour time? I think that it is important to know both. I am sure that in a month I will have it down! I changed my clock to this format of my cell to make me get used to it. Right now it is only 20:30. 8:30 pm. Or “le otto e mezzo.” Or you could say “sono le nove meno un trenta” (30 minutes to 9) but that is too much work! Time in Italian will probably take longer for me to recognize and learn since Italians take all the time in the world to do just about anything…

When we went to pick up the boys at school today Matteo and I kicked the soccer ball around for a bit. I have not kicked a soccer ball since I was probably 10 years old! I had way too much fun and soccer is so important around here. Do not ask me if I am for Roma or Lazio. This house is for Lazio so I should just agree but I have not watched a full game so I am unsure which team to become a fan of. Lazio is more fun to say.  Yeah, I am that girl who will pick the name over knowledge of a team. I think this technique only goes for bottles of wine. If you pick the bottle solely due to liking the label you have a 50% chance of being satisfied. This is only my personal experience and statistics. I am such a boozer I am 98% satisfied drinking almost any wine! I still don’t prefer white wines but I might in the summertime. Only one more month of cold weather then it should get very warm. I officially began the countdown to not wearing a jacket and going to the beach!

I love the first of the month. This is when I get paid! I am still hoping to buy a new purse but have been unsuccessful so far. I find shoes I think I need ALL the time but a purse? Not yet. I might do a little shopping this week. I have gifts to send home and need to only get about 3 more and the presents are complete! Sending them all home makes me a little nervous since receiving packages takes so long I am positive that sending them home to the States will take even longer! Patience family and friends…


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