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A Crazy Angel from Naples…Angelo Pazzo da Napoli!

February 28, 2011


Dear Scatola, This means “box” in Italian. I learned this word today because I refused to separate and put all the toys away that the boys dumped out all over their bedroom. There are about 6 different toy boxes each compartmentalized for specific toys. The wood toys go in one, the tiny soldiers have one, […]

Edible Shots and a 5-course “breakfast”…

February 27, 2011


Dear Aperitivo, Americans will recognize this as something like “happy hour” but in this Italian tradition the aperitivo is much, much better! Instead of getting a deal on cocktails before dinner you pay a normal price for a fancy hand-made drink AND get free food! That is right, free mini bites and as much as you want as long as […]

Running with Scissors…and Pizza!

February 25, 2011


Dear Camera, I have missed you so!!! I finally got my camera back…If you want something done you must do it yourself. This is a true statement and that is what I had to do. Two buses and an almost 2 hour trip I went to retrieve my camera and a free caffe. Before I […]

I forgot to post my blog from the weekend!

February 24, 2011


It sat in the drafts since the 20th! Please READ “A gay bar, a rude awakening and a minor fender-bender to catch up and get some serious laughs!!! xoxox LEX

World versus Chandelier. World-1 Chandelier-0.

February 24, 2011


Dear Friday, Please get here already! This has been the longest two weeks and I cannot wait much longer for another weekend! The boys are going crazy being in the house and the weather is bad. It was so cold today and windy I couldn’t even stand to be outside more than twenty minutes when […]

Since when is Pinocchio a crossdresser???

February 23, 2011


Dear Fish with the Sword, Also known as swordfish. For dinner we had some pasta and fish with the sword. A few tomatoes, fresh olives, some onion and plenty of olive oil made this dish complete. Before setting the table the boys and I were watching some funny YouTube videos of some songs that they […]

Two wrong lunches don’t make a Right…

February 22, 2011


Dear Failed Lunch Date, Closed! The restaurant was closed! I had a feeling that I should have checked the hours but I failed so therefore we had pasta for lunch. Texa and our new friend Mika were on a mission to find a REAL mexican food place called La Cucaracha! We did find it but it was […]