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Dear Language Course,

Only three days left of class! The 4 weeks flew by so very fast. I am happy that it is over and I am grateful that I attended each day and learned as much as I did in this short time. Last week I was feeling a little bit unsuccessful with the language but I actually can understand a lot more than I realized!! I am proud of myself for keeping up and never missing class or being tardy. Not that we receive “grades” but I would definitely get at least a B+ or an A-. Non c’e’ male, means nothing bad. I am looking forward to not having class in the morning and having free time (tempo libero) to do as I want! One of our assignments was to write about our “Ideal Day” and I wrote a truly successful paragraph in Italian with very few errors! First off my day would begin with no yelling…”do not yell” in Italian: non urlare..I hesr this most everyday. Especially in the early morning. Typically before 7:45 am…To be clear: I hear yelling and screaming and THEN “Non Urlare!!!” Buon Giorno Lexie!!!! I am up. I am up. I am awake not up out of bed. To be clear.

I think the most important things that I learned in the short time is exactly what they refer to the course as “survival in Rome.” This was a short crash course in getting around and understanding important things such as: ordering food and drinks. Check! Asking where a bus is taking you or if it stops somewhere you need to  be. Check! Asking the prices of items and also asking if it is the “sale” price….Check! Asking directions and understanding answers from strangers. Check! To ask where someone is from and being able to tell someone where I am from. In detail. Check! Asking the time. Check. Understanding the time….half a check! And very important: greeting people and asking what they are doing…check! Cannot forget knowing how to count past 100 to understand how much money I spend. Check and check.

The next step is speaking more and more. I try to text in Italian just to make myself think which is pretty good practice. Now that I have a better grasp on this new language it will become easier to communicate with my boys and help them to learn more English words and phrases. If anyone has any suggestions in helping me teach ESL to Italian wild boys aged 6 and 4 please let me know as soon as it is possible! They will be 5 and 7 in about two months just to be clear. Their birthdays are exactly ONE day apart the first week of April. Crazy to me since they are each so complete opposites for both being Aries. http://www.novareinna.com/constellation/arieschild.html WOW!! Right on for each of these Italian boys!!! If anyone else knows some Aries kids please read. Right now it will help if you need explanation.

I have been here almost 2 months and today I just learned the actual word for lunch. Pranzo. I learned “merenda” was the word for a snack when I first came. Snacks are important for growing boys and for Americanos named Lexie. It has still been a struggle to not eat as often as I used to at home. I would eat small portions most of the day back at home. Here I don’t have a breakfast. Tea or some kind of caffe and fruit or yogurt. Once in a while I will have “cake” which is completely normal. Pastry and coffee IS breakfast. Then at 11 another caffe and snack, either fruit or cereal bar. Then pranzo. Probably my largest meal of the day. Could be pizza, pasta or my favorite thing to eat at home (a casa): fresh white tuna, cannelini beans, pomodoro over mixed greens. A pack of salty crackers and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. So simple and fantastic! Try it if you like tuna it will become your new favorite fast lunch. Pranzo is usually after 1pm. Then by 4 or 5 it is time for the merenda. Could be fresh fruit chopped up, fresh squeezed juice, panino, cheese and salami or ham, or mini yogurt. I am so impressed by the NORMAL portion control here! Even though there are 31 Macdonald’s in ROME ALONE, there is no such thing as a huge fries and drink. Portion control even at the worst place to eat in Rome. Still will never understand the craziness for Mickey D’s. Mio Dio! (my God!) I hear this so much throughout the day from every aged person. I didn’t realize that I said “oh my God” so much until recently Matteo began saying it! I thought maybe he shouldn’t but realized that Mio Dio is the same thing so it must be fine…

Today I went to the store to buy some toothpaste and stronger shampoo. My hair just does not feel clean here no matter if I wash it everyday or every 2 or even 3 days. Redken is not cutting it. No flat-iron or curling iron and dirty hair. Oh mio Dio! Don’t get me started about my roots OR the baby dreadlock that has formed near my feather extension…Need pliers to remove it. How do you say pliers in Italian? Checking out all the toothpaste was quite the adventure. I must have read labels for 10 minutes trying to find some without fluoride. I did see something I had to take a picture of so once the aisle was clear I took out my camera and felt like I snuck a picture of the Mona Lisa! (dramatic for emphasis!) Trying to be sly and not let anyone see me taking this!

Also, I must share that today I spoke with 7 people via Skype! Alright well 6 were already in one location but I am seriously so very thankful to have Skype!! I still feel very close to my family and friends even though I am in a new world they each have made time to remind me that I am still loved and missed every time that we get to speak.

All my Love!


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