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Posted on February 6, 2011


Dear Villa Doria-Pomphili,

This is the second time that I have come to this park. What an immense difference that sunshine makes to all of these local Romans!! When we came about a month ago it was really cold (molto freddo!) and empty but today it was perfect. Beautiful people and weather. What a day! I wandered off and took many photos and admired all the people dedicated to running, walking, playing and even playing cards in the park. I saw a woman doing some yoga and a young couple doing Tai-Chi. I cannot wait to return tomorrow and truly get lost in the beauty of this park.

It is the second largest park in all of Rome. The first is Villa Borghese, which I still have not been to. I am so excited to be “free” from class and really see all of the places that I have not been to yet. For example, I have not been to the Vatican…It is right down the street from my house. I want to go, of course, but someone said they wanted to take me there so I must wait.

Sundays are usually very relaxing and slow. I slept in until about 9:30 and then finally made myself get out of bed and make some tea. I then had some strawberry yogurt and 2 kiwis. Seriously, the fruit tastes incredible. The family and I were hoping to go ice-skating this weekend but the boys are not feeling 100%. Little coughs and colds. Super boogers too! Sneezing and snot. Eww how do kids not care when they wipe their face with their arm or sleeve and leave a trail of snot along their cheek?? Don’t they feel it!? Anyways, I have not been ice-skating since I was probably under 10. I am looking forward to this day on the ice! I have not kicked a soccer ball since then and I got to do that last week. After the park we came home to eat lunch (pranzo) and take it easy for a while. I played Legos with Matteo for a while the other boys watched soccer on TV. We made a huge tower that was taller than Matteo and then he gave me permission to kick it over! I said no way but he encouraged me to destroy it, “Disgruggere!!!” I put my knee into it and we laughed as it toppled over and Legos went flying all over the marble floor. I picked it all up later by myself. The boys played pretty hard at the park today so they were pretty tired by the time dinner was over.

I recieved a SMS from Mickey today that said something along the lines of me paying more attention to sending him messages because he thinks I accidentally sent him a message that was for someone else! It was from friday and IT WAS for him. “Make more attention when you send a message” he tells me. I love that you “make” everything. In english we “do” but here in Rome we “make.” Everything! Make a shower. Make homework. Make a pee-pee. Make a walk. Capito?? Va bene. I have to make more sleep this week! I feel so tired today but am looking forward to bringing my trusty Volcom pilates mat with me to the park along with a book and my iPod. I am taking a “me” day starting first thing in the morning! I don’t have to be back until after 3 so if I don’t sleep my life away I can enjoy the sunshine and enjoy being alone. A few weeks ago I was complaining about being solo but now that I am more settled I cannot wait to spend more time with myself and create my own path from now on.

I think that my favorite word I hear all the time here is “allora…” It took me about 2 weeks to actually realize the meaning but I learned it right before class started so I was always happy to understand it. Basically, it just means “then…” or “at the time” or “in that case”. How we use the word,”so…” it opens up the start of a conversation, or the start of anything about to happen or in question. I think I just like the sound of it. Anything that has a “r” or 2 in it sounds extra good with the rolling of the “r”! My favorite “saying” as of now is “dimmi”=Talk to me! or tell me! I really am liking that words in Italian translate to a few words in english hardly just one. For example: Andiamo means “let’s go” but it is only one word in Italian. I am finally getting a grip on the changes of words pertaining to “I, we, they, you..etc” some change drastically but some are  not as difficult. “To be able to” is Potere (infinitive) but to say that “I am able to..” it is Io Posso. You are able=Tu Puoi. He/she=Puo. We are able to=Noi possiamo. You plural, as in “you guys” =Voi potete. And lastly they are able = Loro Possono. See what I mean?? It is a lot to remember!

That is why I need to focus on not only “thinking in Italian” but now I must make more attention to speaking (and texting!) I must go to the phone place to figure out what is up with my phone. I am not looking forward to a phone store. If they are anything like home I will be there even longer, since Italians lag, and there is a possibility of lack of communication and what if they try to sell me something new when they witness my ancient phone!? I will not fall for anything or buy. Only on sale…Having a phone here seems expensive! Ten Euros + a week and I only text. No Internet. I don’t make calls because it really sucks up your usage. I need to make some order with this phone issue!! Domani.

Going to make some sleep!


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