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Posted on February 8, 2011


Dear YouTube,

I love that you can find pretty much ANYTHING on YouTube these days. Usually, I am on YouTube looking for a video or something to make me laugh. Today I went on to find some kid songs that are easy for the children to learn and sing. Matteo really likes the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” song so I found a really entertaining video to have them watch and dance to. I have not seen or heard many of these old songs for such a long time it really made me laugh! “5 little monkeys” and “itsy bitsy spider”….it made me realize that it is super important to teach them their ABC’s in ENGLISH. For one the Italian alphabet only has 21 letters. The letters J, K, X, W, X and Y are only present in foreign words. T and I made this realization today when we saw that Tommaso was trying to read the English words but was pronouncing them wrong! Not nine in English but “nine” read in Italian by a young 6-year-old learning how to read Italian…”nine” sounds like “neen-eh.” S told me that English “cheats” since some words are so simple and short! Such a funny way to say that English words sound simple. English are cheaters!

Today I went back to the park to do some Pilates and Yoga. I brought along my iPod, a little lunch, and my camera. I was the subject and the photographer today and it was an extra workout trying to capture pictures of myself in this wonderful setting! I set the timer on the camera and then would run and jump up on this fallen log that I was using as my balance beam, try to pose, smile and look natural all in under 10 seconds! I did pretty well here is the proof…This entire park is too beautiful and green!

It seems like every time that I have cici beans for lunch I go home and we have them with dinner too! With pasta and rosemary is really simple and is good protein at dinner. My little lunch today made me full! I didn’t even have the banana and looking at it now that looks like nothing much. Some cheese, crackers and ham… Oh well last night I had TWO huge helpings of Carbonara…mmmmmm Spaghetti! There is only ONE type of pasta that I don’t prefer and it is called “”. I just don’t really like it because they are huge! I like small bites and this pasta is just much too big. We tend to eat a lot of pasta with big spoons. There are only really big spoons (tablespoon big) and then tiny spoons (for caffe and yogurt mostly). I love the words for these spoons in Italian. Cucchiaio (sounds like : Cewk-ee-i-oh!) and cucchiaino (cewk–ee-i-eeyn 0oh)…! There are not (in this house anyway) any “regular” sized spoons that I am used to from home. You have a huge one or a teeny tiny one… look I will show you what I mean…Had to throw in the number one utensil in the kitchen!!! Scissors….(Forbici)

I bought a new flat-iron today! I knew that I had to meet to pick up the boys at 4pm at their school and the place where I bought the foreign Italian Iron is on the same street. I arrive at 15:15. The place opens at 15:45…Of course it does!! I try to shop around and wait for it to open but pretty much everything is closed after 2 until 5. A crowd is now formed in front of the place called Kyndes. This place is like a tiny Best-Buy but less stuff and I just hope it’s the “best-buy” in my area. (T knows the BEST so I trust her!)  They carry TVs, video games, washers, dryers, kitchen everything, pasta machines, cell phones and even fountains. They always have the best prices and quality so I knew to check back there for the Iron once I broke down and finally wanted to do my hair. I entered in the store following about 11 other people. I was in a rush so I found someone and asked for their help. I know how to say this much but luckily, I didn’t have to say much else since the one that I wanted was in a large window..but there were about 10 choices. I told him the one that I wanted by the price and name on the box. Short solid conversation. I am sooo glad that I know my numbers….49.90 Euro later I was out the door on the way to the school.

I took a shower after dinner so that I could do my hair. I think it took me about 2.5 hours to get it dry and get it all the way straight! It is really long now and I definitely will have to do something about my roots that are creeping in!! I really did my hair because I thought I was going to see Mickey tonight after he got off work. That is the thing about working in a restaurant…I know from experience…You really never know what time that you will get off. A table stumbles in right when you are about to call it a night and be the first to be let go. The couple always sits in your section and they are usually waiting for more to join them…So when he tells me that he might get off early tonight I jumped the gun. Oh well. I will see him Mercoledi (wednesday) always since that is his only day off. I think my hair will still look good by then….no?? Everything takes 3 days here…my hair! Laundry! to make plans…mama mia. I felt that I wanted to see him tonight, even if we only made plans for one hour, because last night we had our first “argument/misunderstanding/disagreement” or any of these Italian words…argomento. malinteso. disaccordo! He recieved a message from me an entire day late. I am telling you the phone I have is against me! He thought that the message was intended for someone else. I only text with him, my girl L and the boy’s mother. No one has my number! He doesn’t believe me. He thinks that I am lying to him and it is super dramatic. If he was American I would have gave him the immediate dismissal boot to the curb. Since the languages we speak do not always translate I let this entire misunderstanding go. He (for the most part) did too. He had the gall to say to me” do you think I was born yesterday!” Texting here takes forever so you can only imagine how long an hour was waiting for his reply between each one! It would have been better to at least see him to make sure that things are fine between us. To see his expression not read/analyze his Italian text. I told him that he has to speak to me only in Italian and texting can be both. That was Saturday. It is only Monday and last night we had to have an entire 15 minute conversation in English to straighten out one lousy text. I have truly discovered some patience here in Rome. With males aged 4, 6 and 25.

I can’t think in English or text very well in English. I am sticking to Italian as much as I can!

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