The kingdom of Tiramisu and Mom is always right!

Posted on February 8, 2011


Dear Sugar Induced Coma,

This lovely place called Pompi il Regno del Tiramisu literally was the most beautiful place I have seen! I took photos and enjoyed a trio of gelato with the best little caffe con ginseng that I have had since the creeper Italian one that guy made for me. My friend L and I were in heaven seated happily outside knowingly putting ourselves under with the sugar overload. L had banana tiramisu with a latte macchiato. Who knew about banana tiramisu?! No regrets just sugar hit the bloodstream too fast! I gave L a name today finally: “Texa” which is short for text-aholic! She is addicted to her “Crack-Berry” so I lovingly nicknamed her Texa today. We arrived at 3pm and made quick decisions once we saw the desserts all lined up convincing and deceiving at the same time! I really think that once our dessert came we were silent for the entire 3 minutes it took while we stuffed our mouths full of the tasty goodness. By 3:11 we had payed and were on our way! Witness?


The choices…I always want gelato so…

We did some more shopping and I found some funny high tops for only 10 Euro so I had to impulse buy them! If you see something on the street it will NOT be there tomorrow. I finally bought a mini spray perfume while in a cute little boutique. It was only less than 3 Euro and the name alone is so funny I hope that someone asks me what fragrance I have on so I can reply,” It is called Freaky Safari!” I have no idea why I am so easily entertained but this is just how I am. Today was also the first time that I truly felt free, calm and happy to be here. I am feeling so much more settled in and after having the “talk” with the parents I feel like such a huge weight has been lifted off of me! There is really no pressure of “teaching” and it is so much more relaxing. I am doing fine and the boys are doing fine!

My mom told me when I left that I might not need to enroll in school and that for the expensive price she would rather see me buy things that I want like shoes! I laughed really hard the first time she pretty much said this (in my words) but she was and is always right. All mothers are always right, it is true! I am happy that I took one class but I still get to see people from school and not have to sit in the classroom or pay. Plus, Frances, our teacher still wants to hang out so I believe I get the best of both worlds. More money to spend on myself and I still get “lessons” from my teacher when we are hanging out outside the school. Plus, Mickey is probably the best teacher when he speaks Italian to me and makes me respond. Today I received a text message from T that I was “free” until 7 and to take the rest of the day “as you want!” Keeps getting better! I knew that I had time to go see him at his restaurant and thought about showing up to surprise him but went against that plan due to the misunderstanding we had a few days ago. I work everyday around 4pm if I showed up there before 7pm he would most likely call me a “bugiardo”, a liar, and think that I lied about my work schedule! To avoid another argomento I texted him a heads up that I might come by to see him before 7. By the time that Texa and I finished shopping and got on the dirty metro it was almost 6:30! Everything takes so much time to get from one place to another…Truly I am on Italian time! So the metro is very dirty but today, my second time on it, there was a lovely old man playing the violin  right next to us! Fancy! Still dirty but this was an elegant touch to add to the smell and the crowd. I don’t really have to take the metro unless I am with Texa…I mostly rely on the buses. The metro is far from my home so only if I am with someone I would want to take it at all. And I night? I don’t see that happening any time soon.

I have a date to go ice-skating tomorrow night! What are you supposed to wear on this kind of date??? I will no doubt wear my most obnoxious socks that I just bought. Hot pink leopard print with bows but what else?…I might fall so maybe a skirt is not the best idea. Can’t go wrong with jeans and black anything. I will take some pictures of us because I know that everyone is dying to see what he looks like. In time…In Italian time that is…!

I was planning to return to the park to do exercise tomorrow morning but the family asked me to stay home since a man is coming to the house to fix the gas. “Dear Gas Man” is all I could think of from Dumb & Dumber when they told me that the “Gas Man” was to come to the house. I must remain home from 8am-4pm. Just like getting cable in the states. You have to wait all day and hope they come to your area first! So we have an Oil delivery man, a meat deliverer, the garbage man is “the Man” and now; the Gas man. I found a note on the door for me to bring out the trash a few weeks ago to take it to “the Man” downstairs. These quotes were from her not me. The garbage man is “The Man!” There is three different kinds of trash here and everyone keeps it all separate. Never mixed! There is food/compost, paper and then plastic and glass. Very organized and you must keep the Man happy and throw your garbage away correctly! When you bring the food waste they give you another special bag for the food waste. One day the man offered me one and I said no grazie but he shoved it in my hand and told me to put it in my “borsa” (my bag/purse). Yes sir! Never argue with the Man!

AWwwwww just got the SMS…No Venice this weekend =( “but we will go to Venice when I have off…I promise you. Un bacio amore mio.” I laugh when people sign off with the “xoxo” but this? This really is sweet and I like it. Mi Piace. What is happening to me!?!? When did I become “sweet” and “nice”??

Call me Mrs. Right

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