“God’s house is like next door to you!”

Posted on February 11, 2011


Dear Red Ray-Ban Sunglasses,

I know that you are not the real deal but for 3 euro I am happy that the sun is shining and no longer in my eyes. Wearing sunglasses is the best while wandering the streets and checking people out without them knowing! I met Texa and our new friend for some lunch and stopped off to snag the cheap shades. We returned to the same restaurant where I had the amazing home-made egg pasta with the salmon sauce. I had to take a picture of the perfection!

Once lunch was finished it was close to the time that I was to meet the boys back at the house so I couldn’t go shopping. If I hadn’t slept in (again) I probably could have gone this morning but I need my beauty sleep! I feel like since it was my first week off of school that I could sleep in and not do much. After this weekend I know that I won’t sleep in like that unless I come home late. or early in the morning. It felt nice to not have any responsibility during the morning and early afternoon but 3:30 comes faster than I want everyday. I hurried home and got my things together to go to judo with the boys. I realized that we were not going once I saw their judo outfits laying out to dry and Tommaso seemed tired so I asked what the plan was. No, they both were not in the mood. Damn! I kind of like going to judo since I get to relax and read while the boys are in class. It sure makes Tuesday and Friday go fast. “Playing” from 4:30-7:30 is not easy! We can only dump out toys, put them away, watch some movies and build lego mansions for so long without me getting bored! Matteo and I had a pretty good time today playing with a rubber-band for about 20 minutes. I showed him how to shoot it like a gun. Maybe a bad idea but once he saw me shoot it I had to show him how! T had made the boys their afternoon snack of fresh bread with ricotta with a  touch of zucchero (sugar). So good! Both of the boys said no to this but once I distracted Matteo with the rubber-band gun he happily took bites that I fed him. Horribly, he sneezed right after he took a bite!!! Ewww. Really? I ran to the bathroom to get tissue to clean it up and did not laugh with him. I wanted to but I can’t encourage him to spit food in his own room or any room for that matter. I was glad that he was done with his snack and we finally lost the rubber band somewhere in the room. New game.

We brought the legos out to the living room and created a fancy tower. Once Tommaso was finished with his homework he joined us on the couch to watch Toy Story. He was not as into it since his eyeballs were glued to his Nintendo game but at least he was sitting with us! Matteo kept sitting closer and closer to me on the couch until finally he climbed into my lap and propped the pillow up in front of my face so he was comfortable. He really makes me laugh! He is a pretty small kid but my lap is not that big to support him when he dangles his little legs over and can’t hold still. I appreciate the work out my legs and arms get while just sitting with him! The other day we were both laying on the couch opposite each other watching some cartoons under a blanket. I really wanted a picture of it but didn’t want to move. He was posted with his little arms behind his head lounging like a king with his feet propped up on my legs. Next time! I know that there will be plenty of lounges on the couch watching Italian cartoons.

Dinner is such an event each night. Both are never satisfied with the meal. One is usually REALLY upset about whatever it is we are eating insisting it is “schifo”(disgusting/sucks) and that they hate it. Sometimes dinner is really short but other nights it seems we are at the table for an hour trying to make them finish and stay seated. The spill of one of their cups is still a daily occurence! It is not dinner if there is not a spilled cup of water during a meal at this house. Tommaso was so upset about the salmon we had for dinner that he left the table to call his father and complain! This 6-year-old is quite the character! I tried hard not to laugh when I realized that he was calling his dad to get out of dinner. It worked. I finished his salmon for him since he would not have anything to do with it. Mi piace salmon. Even if it is twice in one day.

I am so grateful for Skype! I get to talk to my sister almost whenever I want to. She made me laugh today after she made a simple request for me to go to church since “God’s house in like right next door to you! Please pray for me to get this job!” I will do my best to attend church in one of the many houses of God this Sunday. Saint Peters is best on Wednesday in hopes to see the Pope. I should try to visit the Vatican and sit through a full mass this Sunday.

I took this photo today on my way home walking through Saint Peters. I will never grow tired of  a sky like this….

Pray for me to follow through with church!


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