NOT as easy as 1…2…3….

Posted on February 13, 2011


Dearest Nutella Crepes,

I have enjoyed you once again! I do believe that the first time that I had them they were better but like I have said before ANYTHING with Nutella is fantastic. Texa and I had made plans to meet our teacher Frances for dinner, drinks and then Nutella Crepes. She took us to a sweet little place called Panella, where everything made there is with bread! I was in my own mini bread heaven. Our waiter came to take our drink orders first. Coca-cola (sempre! always!) for Texa, prosecco and compari type cocktail for Frances and I landed on a Margarita senza sale (no salt). The waiter offered it so I said yes. My dad always tells me to get one so I finally did. I think that he offered me one since he thought I was Mexican. Whenever I am with Texa people always assume I speak spanish because she does. After our drinks came he brought out small plates with mini bites. Each of  us only had to pay 10 euro and we could go back in and fill our little plates as much as we wanted! Drinks and food for that price is not easy to find! My drink was very strong and pretty good. I would come back here. There was little pasta, puff breads, pizza bites, a salad with fresh parmesan, super thin sliced mushrooms and rocket lettuce; all kinds of good eats! This place also had beautiful desserts all ready for Valentines. Like this one…We agreed that it was not only prettiest but the funniest to get the point across..(I want you!)

 Once we finished and were full we almost forgot that we made plans to have the crepes! We walked off our bread and drinks to the pub for the Nutella sin to begin. It is always the same waiter at this pub. I have been there many times now so he recognized me. I guess that we are not friends yet though because when our crepe came out it was NOT as beautiful as the one I had with Mickey and his friend  Mario. We ordered a round of drinks again to go with our dessert. I had a drink called the Godmother (vodka and amarreto) and Frances had a Black Russian. No cocktails for Texa; you would think she was driving or something. She is “high on life” already, so she says, and doesn’t drink often. I was happy to have a drinking partner like Frances. We had some serious laughs about the Nun in her class and about counting to 5 believe it or not.Frances was asking me how to say” Suora” in English and I had no idea what she was asking. Then she says, “you know….the wives of God??” OHH!! She meant a “Nun!”  So there is a Nun in the class and when she asked her if she was married, since she wore a ring, she replied, “well, yes, I am the wife of God. I am married to God.” She tells me that she tried not to laugh and that in class now she really has to “watch her mouth.” She says that she tried really hard not to say, “oh mio Dio” and “Oh Madonna” since she doesn’t want to offend the Wife of God. She has to really be careful and tells me that  it is not easy! Mama mia!

Us three girls had a serious laugh about counting on our hands. Only up to five but she tells me that she thinks that it is strange that when we show “3” it is the ring finger, middle finger and index finger. When she counts to 3 it is the thumb, then the index and then the middle finger. I find this so amusing and funny but maybe it is just me! I ask her when something is “number 1” isn’t it shown with the index finger?! She tells me NO! It is the thumb! That is the “1st” finger…Strange..these Italians. And “2” is not the index and middle. “2” is the thumb and index! Maybe it was the heavy drinks and sugar high but we had a good laugh about counting for at least twenty-minutes!! The only counting on the hands that was the same was “4”. For real. When Texa’s roommate came to meet us we almost fell over laughing when he was telling us about something at work and began counting everything that went wrong on his hands!!! But he started with the pinky as “#1″!  Then went down the hand. So Italians #1=Thumb, Americans #1=index and Spanish decent #1=the pinky! I am learning so many interesting and useful things. Once we called it a night I went back to Mickey’s restaurant to tell him goodnight. The Nutella place is across the street from him. He was just finishing so he told me to wait and he would give me ride home. His friend Mario was waiting to so we shared a few bites of a cannoli and silently watched the results of the game on the large flat screen TV. The long walk to his car was full of stories of the night in the restaurant. He tells me that it was very busy and they didn’t expect it since a large group cancelled last-minute. They pulled in over 5,000.00 euros! That is a lot of money, right? Looks like Venice is happening next weekend for sure…There are many streets that are blocked off by police during the night and it is difficult to get me home. You must have a permit to live in certain areas or you cannot use the street during certain hours. So crazy here I tell you. Cops not checking for booze on your breath but checking for permits to drive down certain streets!? Mad world. You do have to be careful drinking and driving but it is just not something that people worry about here. They are much more responsible it seems. You cannot drive this crazy and have drinks I think that is just the way that it is. Permits are more important! The fine is larger probably.

Earlier in the day I was at the park and brought my book, my mat, my iPod,  my lunch and my tarot cards. I enjoyed a quiet and beautiful three hours relaxing and taking everything in. I truly began to relax and let myself realize that I am living here in Rome. I live in Rome! It is crazy to let myself feel so free but I finally do! I am loving my freedom and starting to get used to this new world. I finally feel like a person that is living here and not like a tourist anymore.

Almost forgot! On my bus ride to meet the girls I met another Americana girl who was traveling and we began talking and really got along. She was asking the driver as we got on if it was going to Tritone and he was telling her that it wasn’t! It was going there because that is where I was getting off! I told her to trust me and just get on and that I would show her where to go. I still get excited to speak English with other foreigners so we began a long talk about what each of us were doing here. We were sitting across from each other on the small bus (these electric buses only have  10 seats and room for about 6 others to stand…SMALL) and as the bus began to fill up we continued to talk over the people. Fianally a really old woman yelled at us for be quiet! No, she really yelled at us, not only with her hands but with her words. She told us, in Italian, pretty much this,” this bus is full and you ladies are too loud! You are not the only ones on the bus ok?! Keep it down!” I told her that I was very sorry and that we would be quite, in Italian. I don’t think she thought I could understand Italian since I was speaking in English. She almost gave me and “I’m sorry” with her eyes but decided to just not look at me at all for the remainder of the ride. I got hushed on the bus! What a day!


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