Where to hide when my Visa expires…

Posted on February 13, 2011


Dear Tortellinis for Breakfast,

I finally emerged from my room at almost 1230 this afternoon. I was awake but I just didn’t want to leave my room until I had a plan. I was much too tired to play with the boys so I took my time finally getting my exercise clothes on to head to the park. The family had just finished lunch and S offered me the tortellinis but wasn’t sure if I prefered coffee first or if I wanted to have lunch. I had let “breakfast” leave my vocabulary weeks ago. Tortellinis for brunch it was. Red wine and pasta were the first items I put in my mouth. Got to love Rome. This is perfectly acceptable. I slowly enjoyed the freshly made meat pasta with olive oil and a little parmigiano-reggiano sprinkled with ground black pepper. I can’t be bothered so I read a little of my book in between bites. I truly prefer the weekend to myself…can you tell?

I pack up my little green purse, grab my iPod and say goodbye to the family. Sundays are dead in the city. Nothing is open on my street except maybe 3 restaurants. No stores or shops are ever open on Sundays. I am hopeful that the supermercato is open so that I can buy some color for my hair. I am getting very close to coloring my entire head back to its orignal tone but my mother convinced me to just “pick up” some of the lighter pieces around my face and darken them one at a time. If the Nana here trusted me to do her hair I must put that faith into my own hands to my hair.  Everything is closed. There is always tomorrow. I walk past my favorite Gelateria and it IS OPEN! I think twice about gelato since I was on my way to exercise. Happy that it is open again I make a mental note to make sure that I treat myself next week. I finally get the call from Texa that she is ready to meet me to go to the park. I have decided that this park is probably my favorite location at this point in my adventure. Her and I planned on meeting around 11am. She texted me at 3:30am that there would be a slight change of plans for the park…We met around 4pm. We are adjusting beautifully to the Italian time. Rushing is just not something that we do anymore.

The walk to the park is my favorite part and probably her least favorite. It is straight up hill the entire way. I find it great for my legs and it is like my warm up before I get to the park to push myself to move and really work it out! When we finally get to the top the view is always worth the struggle…She forgets that she doesn’t like this idea of working out with me  when she sees this spectacular site…                                                                                       

The park is just as gorgeous as ever and we stop many times for her to take some photos. The sun is setting so being surrounded by all the greenery is even more amazing. The sun highlights each tree and bounces off the water like a still-life portrait. I will never grow tired of this park. The only other park that may change mind is Villa Borghese. It is larger and even more beautiful…so I hear. I like that this park is walking distance to my house. I think I would have to take the dirty Metro or at least a few buses to arrive to Villa Borghese. My goal is to try to go to this park at least 4-5 times a week. Not only to use as a personal outside gym but I am thinking of starting to draw again. I saw a man sketching and it inspired me. I think I forgot my artistic ability since the only drawings I have done are that of fruit, clothes and kitchen items for the boys. These are usually done on huge paper with a single fat marker that gets more color on our hands than the actual paper! I turned my back for two seconds last week and Matteo had managed to color his entire palm bright blue and the cuff of his white button-up. “Blue!” he says while pointing and entirely pleased with himself. I put the lid on the pen and took him to wash his hands and change his shirt.  Markers are not my favorite to color with him. Colored pencils are much safer and less of a mess for both of us. When I sketch at the park I think I will stick with regular lead pencils and white paper.

I was also disappointed that the stores were closed since I really want to buy some new nail polish to paint my nails. I borrowed a few colors from T but I am over the dark red. I finally asked her for some nail polish remover to get the chipped red off of me and she took me into her room to show me where she hides the remover. She stands at the end of her bed and lifts the heavy mattress straight up like Superwoman! Under the mattress is a secret humongous compartment about 2.5 feet deep! You would hide like 5 bodies in there if needed…that sounds really cryptic but that is how large this area is. Maybe that is where I will have to be hidden when my Visa expires! Wait…I don’t have a Visa. I will be hiding there if it comes down to it! This secret hiding is occupied by all the stuff that children under 6 cannot get into. For example: nail polish remover. All poisonous liquids and boxes of God knows what else. I love that every space is utilized around this house. Secret hiding areas in the walls, under beds, in the ceilings; it is always a surprise.

Let’s hope that I don’t really have to hide under any beds the remainder of my trip!

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