Which is worse…broken foot or broken heart?

Posted on February 14, 2011


Dear Photo Booth,

This must have been the most entertaining booth I have seen. I always pass by this same booth across the street from the house but this time with my little Valentine holding my hand we were meant to take a photo! Matteo and I went to buy some groceries and I was on a mission for both hair-dye and new nail polish. I had to hold him up to get him in the photo and try to remind him to smile and not blink but I still think that this picture is something I won’t forget! Here is my Valentine and I…This was the 3rd try and about 2 euro later. Trust me this is the only one where he is not a blur. He looks half-drunk  but I think that we are in love! Haha Such a funny kid. We walked around up and down our street and did some shopping. The first supermercato we shopped in we bought some milk and yogurt. I tried to buy bananas but I did not weigh them so since I did not understand what he was telling me and couldn’t clearly ask my 4-year-old date we moved on to the store that I knew. When we entered the other store for some fruit I watched some other shoppers and realized that where you weigh your fruit and vegetables is rather fancy. It took me a few times and some arguing with my “date” but we finally figured out the right buttons and put the correct stickers on our mandarins and bananas. Each type of produce is assigned a number. You press that number then put the fruit on the silver tray. It then weighs it for you and spits out a sticker that you put on the bag. At home, when you bag your fruit it is weighed at the register. Not here. Not only do you have to (purchase your own bag) and then bag your own items you also have to weigh everything yourself and administer the correct stickers. There is a lot of trust here in Rome. Each person is just expected to hold bus passes while riding the bus, weigh your produce and tell your server what you ate. You could sooooo easily lie about all these things but I guess being part of this Eternal city is based on trust. Everyone trusts that you have a bus pass. The cashier believes that you weighed your bananas and did not throw in an extra 3 bananas AFTER.  I could tell the waiter I had only one drink or one dish. But I don’t! I think it is just my conniving mind that thinks so wrong but you can get away with lots IF someone chose to lie in these situations. For the record I have been mostly honest. BUT there are times when I don’t validate my bus ticket..or just have it in my pocket. “I forgot but here it is” sort of scenario…Food wise I don’t think it would be necessary. People just tell the truth and can’t be bothered.

Matteo and I stopped off for a cornetto and a ginseng caffe during our short afternoon walk. Matteo insisted! He wanted this huge Nutella cornetto and since I love Nutella I didn’t deny him this treat. It went well with my caffe and I jokingly offered him some of my ginseng. He laughs and said, “uhhh no grazie..!” with his sweet dimpled smile. He made quite the mess of the table and his hands but for only 2 euro we were both pretty happy with this treat. We washed up in the bathroom and were on our way. I found some dye for my hair and will take that endeavor on some time this week. When the house is empty. And quite so I can focus! Both the boys stayed home from school today sick. The doctor was called and she came about 10:30 this morning! A real live “house-call” as it were! I am so in a movie! She was a beautiful young doctor with a lovely magenta coat and a doctor bag made of fine leather. I didn’t witness the stethoscope and band aids but who really knows what is carried in those famous hand-held leather totes? In my doctor bag I would have laughing gas, antidepressants, and probably some Xanax to keep everyone calm, cool and collected.  Oh and some candy for the good kids and well-behaved adults of course.

Sadly, speaking of other doctors…T’s mom took a bad fall today outside on the street and had to go to the emergency room! She dislocated her foot somehow and now, from what I understand, she is in a cast!? Oh mio Dio. Broken perhaps!? First the boys are sick, now a dislocated foot? This week will be rather difficult I can feel it. It absolutely was just another “Monday” (Lundedi) since both T and S forgot that is was Valentines day altogether! When Matteo and I came home with our photo-booth picture they remembered and kissed each other and exchanged I love you’s in such an apologetic manner! It is not such a dramatic “holiday” like in the states. I think that Italians are already pretty sweet and romantic and don’t need to designate a day to jack up the prices of roses. There are people on the streets selling flowers all day everyday. No problem. There is an entire piazza dedicated to flowers and it is everyday here that the beauty of flowers and love is celebrated. For a price, of course, but the flowers are always available. Everyday. Rain or shine. Valentines day or not. Someone is pushing flowers at you trying to tell you that they are a “regalo per te.” A gift for you…my ass, then they start asking for you to offer them something. So strange. “NO Grazie!” you have to tell them and just look away…trust me. It is for the best for all involved. Don’t buy flowers in a pub at midnight. I haven’t but watching others throw 5 euro its just dumb. No grazie!

On the way back home we passed by a store with many cellphones on sale and as always, I am always tempted to go and talk my way into a new phone. In the states I hate buying new phones but here it seems almost easier. No contracts. No tax. No pressure from sales personnel. I saw a hot pink old Razor phone for about 60 euro. I was only attracted to it since its Valentines day and it was pink. Typically, I am not one for pink or for Valentines day for that matter. Rome is doing something to me! Pink, flowers, treats, sweet text messages, weekend-holidays…dare I say it??

I will not…..Moving on! Happy Valentines to everyone that I love! I hope that you all know that I love you plenty!

Forever yours,



Mrs. Right

WE all love you…me and my alter egos…Auguri! (Best wishes!)

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