Food Obsessions from 6,000 miles away…

Posted on February 17, 2011


Dear Snot-Rag,

These poor kids are still sick and have not left this cabin. They have been home this entire week sniffling, sneezing, coughing, fighting, yelling, and not sleeping well. I hope that they get better soon because it is one thing to be home alone all day but it quite another to actually pray for the sun to go down so the day will finally be over. Speaking of praying…My sister asked me to go to church and pray for her to get this new job that she is interested in. Scratch that. She desperately wants this job and I want her to get it! I couldn’t leave the house all day but by the time it was almost dark I saw the chance to flee and get some fresh air. I left for maybe less than an hour. I really wanted to go into St. Peters and say some words (in my mind) to the Man upstairs but I did not have enough time to get all the way there before dark. I went to a place where I could just see it from afar and closed my eyes, envisioned myself inside then began some prayers for her. I kept my shades on since I closed my eyes and probably would have looked kind of like a crazy person facing the church in the middle of a parking lot. After a few moments I turned to walk back towards the house. I saw a nun walking up some stairs and realized that it was actually a church on my street! I never noticed that this church was there. I walked in quietly and looked around. It was pretty much empty but I could hear the choir singing in some far back area of the church. It was delightful and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Sometimes being in church makes me feel uneasy. I walked up and sat at one of the pews and again closed my eyes and began a silent prayer. I felt like I had been in this church for twenty-minutes! I think it was more like only 2 minutes but time flies when you are praying for your sister. Short and sweet. I did the sign of the cross and said thank you under my breath. Are you supposed to thank Him? Man, I need to go to real mass and get my life in order. I cannot remember the last time that I attended one. Over a year ago, easily. I think that you are supposed to ask for forgiveness or guidance not throw out a thanks! Can there be a right or wrong way to talk to God? I pray for patience all the time. He has to be hearing me because I have developed a new level of patience since my arrival. I am learning so much about myself while being with not only this new family but these two boys. Who was it that said, “Patience is a Virtue?” God bless that person! I exercise patience more than I exercise Pilates. According to a world of Patience I would be very fit and strong. Wait, in real life I am pretty fit and strong. I still fit in my clothes and I have a strong craving for certain foods.

Everyday there is construction at the site next door. Jack-hammers, cement trucks and hard-hats. These men work long hours and some weekends. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse: jack-hammers or boys screaming like girls at the top of their little lungs. Ironically, T calls Tommaso a “hammer” since he will never stop doing something or asking for something until he gets his way. My mother  always uses that term but more in a sentence towards her girls, “WHY are you hammering me!?” Same thing in the end. We just want something. And we want it now.

The Nana came over early this afternoon to help out with the boys since both T and S had to work. She made us some lunch and kept the boys busy while I tried to read, listen to music, just about anything to not feel “cabin-fever!” I must have checked the clock every hour. Time went by so slowly I wanted to take a hammer to the clock! By the time that it was lunch I heard her call to me, “Nancie? Vieni qui per favore…” from the kitchen. (Lexie, come here please..) She asked me to taste her sauce. She explained that she did not use salt and wants to know if it’s still alright. Va bene. It is  very good.  E molto buona. Nana finished cooking her ragu and I set the table for lunch while the pasta cooked. We all had been working on a 300 piece puzzle to try to pass time and entertain ourselves. I am the kind of person that if I start something, like a puzzle, I cannot stop until it is complete. Just like watching any film, even if it sucks and it is the worst movie ever made, I have to finish it! She served us huge mounds of pasta with the meat sauce. Sadly, meat sauce is NOT my favorite but hers was actually the first meat sauce that I did like. Plus, I couldn’t not eat what she served me. I swear I have never seen this woman eat! She made enough pasta for 5 people and I ate all of mine out of respect. I felt way too full and didn’t eat again until dinner. Thank God that we didn’t have more pasta for dinner I would have been in a bad mood. You would think that I would never grow tired of pasta but I think that I am. Slowly, I don’t really get excited for it and it is everyday at least one or two meals consists of pasta. None of the pastas taste bad or anything I just don’t jump with joy is all.  Dinner we had lentils and rice, which I really like. I also washed down my lentils with two glasses of red wine. Originally, T and I talked about making “tacos” for dinner since we still had the tortillas and beans that were shipped all the way from the states but Nana cooked the ground beef making her ragu today. Tomorrow I will make the dinner. I think that I will even make some salsa and buy chips. I really do miss real mexican food! I had a margarita last weekend but it just doesn’t make sense without chips and salsa! I would have given my left foot for a #11 from Jimboys Tacos the day after I drank EVERYTHING and mixed all my liquors a few weeks back. Ok maybe not my foot but at least a finger. Not the thumb but maybe my pinkie. What is the matter with me!? I am losing my mind talking about mexican food and dismembering myself for a greasy taco. Can “cabin-fever” cause obsessions with food that is 6,000 miles away??? I might consider giving my left foot for some hot buttery popcorn….might.

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday. I have to get out. Sadly, we are not going to Venice this weekend but I made some other plans with some friends. Dinner friday and a place on Saturday called Micca Club. It is funny that I chose this club from my book from Christmas and Frances, my teacher, she lives right above it! Since high-heels are a “hell-no! Not on this cobble-stone” she tells us that we can “get ready” at her house, put on the heels and only have to walk down her stairs to the club. Genius this one. I am dying to wear heels! I see so many beautiful heels but I could not actually wear them here. When and why would I? The last thing I need is to prance around in some heels while building lego-mansions and dreaming of greasy fast food while learning Italian.

The first thing I need is to get some more rest I really think that my mind is escaping me and in desperate need of a rescue. Why isn’t Rescue Remedy sold by the bottle? Oh ya its because the street name for Rescue Remedy is scotch!!! I believe that my rescuing takes place at “my table” at his restaurant and a jug of red. To myself since Texa doesn’t crave wine like I do. Oh! And I finished the puzzle. We are going to glue it to a board and hang it in their room. Dinosaurs. If anyone cares to know.

Until tomorrow…


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