Kidnapped by the Food Snob!

Posted on February 21, 2011


Dear Friggitelli Peppers,

What to do with you…what to do with you?? When I made the “mexican” dinner a few nights ago we got a bunch of these sweet but mild peppers. I probably only used about 4 of them and we still have an entire container full. I looked online for recipe ideas and basically only found four different ways to serve them. One on pizza, one with pasta and one with sausage. They are actually known as “frying peppers” since they are best lightly fried so I am sure that we will do that with a few of them stuffed with something. I would love to throw my own pizza but I am not sure if it is a fantastic idea or a terrible plan with the boys. I must ask first but I think that it would be a blast to make mini pizzas with my boys. Maybe once they are feeling 100% again. Tommaso finally went to school today but only half day, until 1:oo pm. Poor little Matteo is worse! He actually has a bad ear infection…bleeding and everything. If you know me and blood you would know that we are not friends. Too much real blood and I will literally faint! Luckily, his ear is getting better but I am hoping to not experience any bloody incidents tomorrow when I have him to myself in the morning. Means no wrestling of “flying” him to be careful of his ear. We have started something like “Acro-Yoga” which is a great work out for me. He is not that heavy (less than 40 pounds) but after 20-30 minutes of holding him up with my legs or just my arms while he curls up into a ball is way more fun than bench-pressing or doing squats. He is my favorite work-out buddy and he doesn’t even know it!

When the boys took their rest I went out for a long walk. I am shopping and searching for the “black bag” that I invited into my life but has yet to seen or found. At this point I almost don’t care if the purse is made in China as long as its leather! No, I take that back, I want it to be real Italian leather for a non-realistic price. I will find it before next month is over! I get paid again next week so I am hoping to not spend the last of my budget and splurge on a sweet new bag. If I don’t go out to eat all week and not buy anything else I believe this to be a brilliant plan. Oh! I cannot forget to share that before I went for my walk I asked T if the boys were going to nap so I could have a break. We had a total miscommunication and the look in her face was so terrified I didn’t understand. So I asked her again, “ the kids will nap??” She asks me, “Nap??” I respond, “you know like sleep? rest? take a nap during the day? At night it is sleep but it is a “nap” if it is during the day…?” “OH!! Yes, yes, yes go and take a walk. Oh mio Dio I thought you were saying something about the children being KIDNAPPED!” She exclaims with a relieved laugh and shake of her head. OH MY GOD is right! I am not the only one learning new words and terms everyday. “Nap” was just added to her vocabulary and separated from kidnapping. We have a good laugh and I say good-bye and that when I get back I won’t kidnap the boys! I am glad that she has a sense of humor because we find laughs in conversations like this a few times a week. Goodness.

When I head back home I get a text to pick up some bread. A huge loaf of fresh bread was only 1,67 euros. Cheap and the best filocino bread so far. Maybe I am just adjusting to the bread preference without salt? How can it be bread without salt? Either way it is for the best so I don’t chow it down all the time. I have been “eating more like an Italian” and finally getting used to not eating much in the morning and letting myself have “cakes” during the day. One piece won’t kill me! I eat a lot of fresh greens and everything we eat is so fresh it is unreal so I stopped feeling the “guilt” from all the good stuff.  When we had the mexican food I made I realized that I had a little headache afterwards. I thought maybe it was a raw onion and peppers kind of headache but it was the ingredients in the tortillas that got to me. I know this for sure because today I made my first “burrito” with a single egg and wrapped it up in another flour tortilla. I had the same ache in my head less than 10 minutes after I finished. Great. Now I am truly a food snob that cannot tolerate preservatives and strange American ingredients. I realized that I have not had anything with an expiration date since my arrival! The food is extremely fresh and our refrigerator (frigorifero) is a like a mini fridge that is 5 feet tall but just as skinny. We don’t “keep” food that long and things spoil faster. I was already one of the biggest food snobs that I know, now, I think I need a new word for snob. It is worse now than ever! I have elevated to another dimension of Snobbery. I might be the Queen of Snobdem if it were a place. I am satisfied with this title.

I did not take a “nap” today so I need extra rest to be able to entertain Matteo tomorrow! Buonanotte fellow food snobs. You know who you are. I know that you know who you are!

Only the freshest and the finest,

The Queen of Snobdem

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