Since when is Pinocchio a crossdresser???

Posted on February 23, 2011


Dear Fish with the Sword,

Also known as swordfish. For dinner we had some pasta and fish with the sword. A few tomatoes, fresh olives, some onion and plenty of olive oil made this dish complete. Before setting the table the boys and I were watching some funny YouTube videos of some songs that they like. Some cartoon scenes from movies but they LOVE Shakira (who doesn’t?) and watched the “Waka Waka” video at least three times! They danced, kicked and laughed and snuck in a few punches to each other minding each other’s ears of course. Still taking daily medicine and missing school. These boys are pretty tough I have to say. Earache and all they still manage to make the best of each day and still find fun in games and toys at home.

I was “Free” today until 3pm so once I got up I had some coffee. I then chugged a yogurt and had a kiwi and was on my way to the park to exercise and take a long walk. I threw in a few sprints uphill until my legs hurt and did a few pull ups at designated areas. I try to avoid blisters so I think I will stick to push ups and tricep dips! My iPod was frozen stuck so I didn’t have any music but it was kind of nice to just be in the park. Since it was windy there weren’t many people out so I enjoyed the peaceful quiet. Once I had enough of the stinkin’ fresh air I ran home (with a few breaks of walking) and got into the shower. I was back out of the house by 12:30 to have lunch by myself and “shop.” I wanted something fast and cheap so I settled on a panino (again Panini is plural..panino is singlular) with salmone, rucola and fresh mozzarella. Rucola is arugula lettuce. For only 4 euro I was pretty happy with my choice. After an hour of wandering I headed back towards home. I saw a man going to town on some gelato and told myself that if there was a gelateria on this street I was going in! I decided that I would only have some of the fruit ones and no Nutella or cream based gelato to bypass any guilt that still sneaks up on me when I indulge. Another 2,50 euro spent I was enjoying a beautiful trio of melone (cantelope), fragole (strawberry) and papaya with my tiny spoon. It was not the ideal weather for gelato but when I see someone else having it I cannot say no! I cannot believe that I have not had any fruit gelato since I have been here!? What was I thinking. I liked this more than the nutella gelato and I didn’t feel full and tired after I inhaled it! Cantelope might be the best flavor I have ever had! I will now be on a mission to taste every melone gelato I see. Challenge accepted.

I became really cold really fast so I jumped on the first bus I saw heading home to warm up. I got close to home and realized that I still had another 40 minutes until I had to actually be there. When I have “Free” time I don’t care if I literally sit outside my building; I am not going up until I absolutely have to! I sat in the sun and read my Italian-English dictionary for about a half hour then slowly stepped up the stairs and got out my key. When I was only two stories down from my door I could hear some children yelling and I wondered if it was them? No way, I was SO far away from our door it couldn’t be…as I went up one more flight and got closer to our door I realized that it WAS them! Oh my goodness, they are that loud!? I walk in and they are running around screaming and throwing pillows and T is telling them to stop. I laugh and tell her that I could hear them all the way down in the lobby! She says that they are always this loud and it confirmed this fact that I could hear them all the way down two stories! She is clearly used to it and I am sure that each of our neighbors are as well. The ones across the hall, the ones above us and most definitely the ones below us. Perhaps the people below them too…

Together we created a large 8 scene “comic strip” (if you will..) of some scenes from Pinocchio. I looked up the reason why this story is so famous here in Italy and it is because an Italian made up the story. There are Pinocchio dolls on every corner and in every single souvenir shop. No big deal but this is a strange story. The book that the kids had been like the size of an encyclopedia, not kidding, and the story is very different from the cartoon Disney version. The “Fairy” is a young chick with blue hair, Pinocchio dresses like a little girl; not a “real boy” and I don’t remember anything about a fox and cat with sunglasses and busted paws?? And I believe that whales don’t have huge shark teeth right? Very different indeed. I didn’t know that the Italian original version of Pinocchio was a crossdresser!? I had to try to draw these scenes out that I did not recognize all while the boys gave 98% trying to hold still, watch me and not fight. My job was to draw and their duty was to color. I finished drawing and Nana helped draw the last scene where they are in the shark/whales stomach. I helped color one scene and Tommaso colored one with the fairy with hot blue hair. New game. They get bored faster than I do! And let me tell you I cannot hold still and I get bored very fast. Matteo and I go in for our daily Lego high and build a mini “tutto rosso!” (all red/only red!) city that in only moments Tommaso literally hammers down! He got his plastic hammer and whacked away at it like he was getting paid for the demolition if complete in less than 2 minutes. Success! As Matteo’s “nanny” I would like to diagnose him as a “heavy-user” of Legos. If we skip a day of Legos the next time we MUST play for the time missed the day before. Legos. Legos. Legos!

After the fish with the sword dinner Mickey came to take me to the movies. Another English movie dubbed in Italian. I understand maybe about 25% now which is an improvement from the last terrible 3D film we saw. This movie I have been wanting to see. In english. But what can I do? True Grit (Grana..) with Josh Brolin, Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. All amazing actors but I don’t think it was that great a film. The young actress was fantastic but I don’t think that I would have enjoyed it anymore if it were in Spanish or English as a matter of fact. Not hot popcorn again and I realized that since we always go to late showings we get the END of the popcorn. It is like the “shake” of the good popcorn from earlier in the day! I need a good popcorn fix as soon as possible. Since Mickey works so much I am just happy to spend time with him even if it’s sitting (in assigned seats!) in the movies watching a foreign film. I was hoping to get my camera back since I have been without it since Saturday. He forgot it at home. I told him that for every day that I don’t have it back that is how many pictures I get to take of him. Always making deals and exchanges. I believe that I will get it back on that will be 6 pictures. We laugh that I have pictures of his “car accident” but none of him. I remind him to put my camera back in his car tomorrow so that he has it for me when I see him next time. “Stand by me” comes on the radio and he starts to sing it to me. He tells me that when I leave this will be the song that he will be singing to me! I am laughing but thinking it is pretty sweet he already wants to sing me this song now. When we finally arrive to my house he tells me that he is glad that I don’t live that far from him. I tell him it IS kind of far. He argues that it is not and then tells me that when I go back to America, THAT is far, va bene!? He has a valid point. For now, we do live close by. He tells me that I must message him to tell him goodnight and I say that I will. He then tells me that I must do this every night! Ok! Ok! Va bene. Va bene. I will do my best.

Queen of Snobdem (per popcorn complaints…)

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