World versus Chandelier. World-1 Chandelier-0.

Posted on February 24, 2011


Dear Friday,

Please get here already! This has been the longest two weeks and I cannot wait much longer for another weekend! The boys are going crazy being in the house and the weather is bad. It was so cold today and windy I couldn’t even stand to be outside more than twenty minutes when I was “free” to leave after 4. I decided to stay home and put on a film in my room and do some mat exercises until dinner. I helped feed the boys and slowly ate as the boys tortured their mother with small knives for pay-doh. We kept telling them to be careful (even if they are plastic they need to learn that they are still indeed KNIVES!) and stop what they were doing but they were wild tonight. Sometimes Tommaso calls the knives “cortello” and T gets really mad and corrects him “COLTELLO!” There is NO “R” in this word. I think that when its pronounced with the “R” sound it’s perhaps a bad word or something? That is how angry that she gets when he says it wrong! Who knows. Soon as they were finally finished eating dinner they proceeded to “play” the piano together. After about 17 seconds they started pushing each other and fighting. They don’t “play” well and I am sure that our neighbors didn’t enjoy their “masterpiece” just as much as T and I ate and told them over and over again to turn it down! And to not yell! And don’t run! And don’t push! Stop that!

This morning and day was not that bad at all compared to the fiasco at dinner. They actually only fought once right after their mother left for work. Matteo took a swift hand to the face and he now has two tiny scratches. The reason that they fought was because I had just finishing building a race track for their remote-controlled cars and Matteo was “winning.” Tommaso CANNOT lose at ANYTHING. He is the most competitive child I have seen under the age of 10. They trade cars since the car that Matteo had been “faster.” I kept them pretty entertained making them race and building alternative tracks for them to race on. I even got a chance to race Tommaso but I didn’t even try to win. I don’t want him throwing punches my way! Once we grew tired of that game we went to their room and they took down almost every book from their large bookshelf and threw them onto their beds. We looked at a few and Tommaso read me some short stories. I love that he is starting to read and likes to share with me. Together we all three practice some English words that have to do with books, the library and animals. Once they grow tired of this “game” they change it up by “selling” each other books for high prices and bartering with each other and “trading.” They are so funny making deals and exchanging their “fake money!” They didn’t offer me any books so we moved on back to the kitchen table to draw. I kept them busy enough that the morning flew by and the next thing we knew Nana was there and we were preparing lunch.

I found an inflatable globe and they asked me to “put my air” in it so I did. The globe beach ball was for “studying only!” and not for kicking or throwing INSIDE the house. There is a really beautiful chandelier that was frozen in terror every time the globe got too close! I would take it away (more than once) and get them into a new game. Puzzles? Finished two. Legos? Always (sempre). Mini Legos? Yes, please. Dice?? Sure whatever they want. Play-doh? Yes! Soccer on TV? Whatever team they are for I am the enemy. Anything to keep them mildly entertained until their mother gets home. It is about time for their “merenda” or afternoon snack so I cut up a few apples, kiwis and juice an orange. I serve the chopped fruit to them on a tray in front of the TV and Matteo looks at it and says, “voglio banana…Dove e la banana?” (I want banana…where is the banana?) I knew this would happen. We were out of banana but since the cleaning lady was their I told her that I had to go down stairs to get banana for him or he wouldn’t eat the fruit. I am out the door and back before 5 minutes even passes! Fast I am. Io sono veloce! I knew that I would run into T on my way up since we were expecting her anytime so I see her as I am coming up to the building. She is parking her moto and taking off her helmet. I say hi and tell her I will see her up there! She sees the banana and rolls her eyes and says, “ahh Matteo?” Si, sempre! (always!) I chop the banana like an Iron Chef and present in to him mixed with the rest of the fruit and he smiles. He is pleased and decided to even feed himself. I relaxed and had some fruit with him. I agree, the fruit IS better with banana.

T tells me that I can “go out” if I want but it is really cold and windy. I tell here that I might in a while but I want to just relax in my room for now. I hear the globe bouncing around (again!) and about the same time I am imagining the poor chandelier I hear it…the world colided with the innocent chandelier! I run out to make sure that it is ok…One piece fell to the ground in a wounded heap scattered on the Italian rug. Matteos hands are behind his back, and he will not make eye-contact with his mother. She doesn’t yell as much as I thought she would and he didn’t get a slap or anything. About an hour later she brought the world to me and asked me to deflate it and put it back in the box. Ciao world…I box up the world and hide it away in the closet.


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