Running with Scissors…and Pizza!

Posted on February 25, 2011


Dear Camera,

I have missed you so!!! I finally got my camera back…If you want something done you must do it yourself. This is a true statement and that is what I had to do. Two buses and an almost 2 hour trip I went to retrieve my camera and a free caffe. Before I left the house I helped prepare the pizza dough for dinner with the fabulous help of little Matteo. He really is a great help in the kitchen! He even has a personal little apron with his name embroidered on it. We made the dough together and formed a perfect ball and place it in the oven (off!) to rise. “The only safe place away from the children!” T says. She is exactly right. I take a fast shower and get my hair mostly dry before I sneak out of the house. I felt like I was sneaking since I saw that T was resting on the couch and didn’t want to wake her! I am not sure if I am repeating myself but I literally “sneak” back home if I come back late  at night (or in my case EARLY MORNING!) by removing my boots before I enter the house! I feel like I am 18 again and don’t want to “wake the parents past curfew!” I take my time getting to the restaurant and stopped in a few shops (still searching for “the black bag!” I arrive and even his boss is happy to see me! He and I sit in the back and take a coffee and chat for a bit. He introduced me to some more people that he works with as “la mia riggaza…” (my girl..girl of mine.) Hmmm…does that make him my boyfriend?? How about just “boy of mine?” I am “keeping” him since he is a “keeper” after all.

I have not gone without my camera since I have been here. I was eager to take pictures of the boys helping me make the pizza but they didn’t. I just didn’t require anymore help and they didn’t bother. Only when we were slicing and dicing all the vegetables did they want to interfere! Both came running in and out of the kitchen sneaking bell peppers and onions! Why?? Who knows but everything is a game to them and they always win. By the time that the three peppers were returned and the injured onion it was time to turn the oven on to pre-heat. One of the bell peppers took a nasty fall and was busted so we had to slice and dice that one to add to the mix. We must have sliced up 5 pounds of vegetables! Seriously, take a look…Eggplant, potato, onion, green friggetelli peppers, red bells, zucchini and some others!

Chef Lex

Too funny! We put the fresh mozzarella on the pizza but realized that we had to take it off or else it would melt too fast! So here I am taking each little piece off..all smiles..I just like to be in the kitchen!

Pizza. Scissors. Wine. Beer. Smiles. Nothing is missing!

The boys didn’t even have any pizza with us. They had a frittata and rice while we prepared the pizza. These Italians eat rice (riso) like they are Asians. Perhaps another reason why they are so thin? Matteo did try a tiny bite of some plain cheese but I think he was too tired he literally FELL off his chair while taking a bite! Before all of this when I was feeding him his rice he didn’t have a napkin so he used my right shoulder as his napkin. (My sister will use you as a napkin to this day so watch out!) I laughed but told him not to do that again while giving him a real napkin to wipe his face! While the boys watched some cartoons us “adults” enjoyed our home-made pizza and they once again said a toast to “the chef.” I had a half a bottle of a Cabernet and Merlot mix while they shared two large beers. The pizza was actually pretty good! Chef-Boy-R-Lex. We ate the pizza and they told me stories of how they met and became the couple that they are today. They are such adorable loving people. Their relationship happened very fast since the birth of Tommaso. They told me funny stories of how they met and about other places that they lived before they started their family. They had planned to marry and then Tommaso was a complete surprise! They were actually on a boating trip and T thought she was just “sea-sick” but it was actually morning sickness! They were so funny they both couldn’t remember what year or date they married! It wasn’t even that long ago! S tried to take off his wedding band to check but she wouldn’t let him! September 5th, 2004. They think…! When they met S had a tiny flat with a HUGE terrace with a gorgeous view. I think that T fell for the view and THEN fell for him! She told me that after two days she placed her toothbrush in his bathroom and they have been together since. Some friends made them go to lunch (safer than dinner we agreed!) and they “hit it off” and she was quite impressed by him. At the time he was not looking for anything too serious. They met in January and he had just returned from Brazil from a wild New Years celebration. It was 2000. That year was a big deal no matter where you were in the world! Like I said he was not interested in just ONE woman then. His friends jokingly and lovingly nicknamed him and his best pal “Dolce & Gabana!” I didn’t ask which one he was! T rolled her eyes at this one and gave me the look like, “ya I trained him and reeled him in after I left my toothbrush!”  They also told me that when they had the beautiful (tiny) flat they would have soooo many parties on the large terrace…they looked at each other like it was a lifetime ago! Ten years doesn’t seem long but perhaps in married life it really is a “long time ago!?” Leaving a toothbrush is a super big deal in new relationships! I love that this is part of their story. After we laughed about their meeting and falling for each other we began the discussion about what summer was to be! There are so many wonderful plans for us once the boys are free from school! They get three months off and attend a “camp” in June and July we start our “holiday vacation” back in Ovindoli then finish with two weeks in Sardegna! I cannot wait for sunshine, tan lines, cool drinks, sand, the beach and convertibles! I informed them about my sister wanting to come and see me and they told me the absolute best time in June or September. July is overwhelmingly HOT and HUMID.  I miss her so much but I like the idea of flying home with her at the end of September! That is a long two days of traveling..what better way than with my twisted sister??

A great start to a perfect weekend! Cheers. Cin Cin!


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