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A Perfect Lunch, A Bad Movie, and a “Womans day”

March 31, 2011


Dear Scary Movie, I did not blog last night since I was so traumatized and freaked out about this movie called FROZEN! I got home at almost one am and could not focus since I knew I was to have nightmares. Not only was I locked out of the house but I could not stop thinking about […]

Gift Ideas Before “Lunday”

March 29, 2011


Dear Time Change, I am enjoying the sun staying in the sky longer each day! Today when we finished Judo it was still light outside at 6:30. It feels like the days are longer and is finally warming up a little at night. The sun went down around 8, just as we were finishing dinner. I […]

Early Coffee Followed by Afternoon Grab Assing…

March 28, 2011


Dear Lovely Cappuccino, I am positive that the barista at this particular shop was flirting with me. He made a perfect foam heart in the center of my white cup. I said,”aww…bella…” with a smile and then looked up to tell him “grazie.” I moved away from the counter and took a seat to enjoy […]

Common Sense Teeth and Too Much PDA

March 27, 2011


Dear Man Purse, I have been wondering what exactly a man puts inside this satchel? I see plenty of men around from the ages of a young 18 to 85 and older with all kinds of different styles of bags. Some nice designer bags slung across their chest with Gucci straps and gold logos. Some […]

Adrenaline Shots to the Head and the Night Bus

March 25, 2011


Dear Hard (to get a table..) Rock Cafe, Food was great. Server was really great. BUT we waited for over an hour for a table. I hate wait. We did not make a reservation and glared at all the people chowing down at all the sinful American food. By the time that we got seated we settled […]

Sales Stalkers and Chick Drinks (for dudes?)

March 24, 2011


Dear Jameson Whiskey, I landed on this for my last drink of the night since the place did not have Ballantines. I believe that was a mistake since I didn’t sleep well and was dying of thirst the three times that I woke up during the night. Perhaps it was the mini bottle of prosecco or […]

Extra Clean Fruit and Romanian Time…

March 23, 2011


Dear Daily Cup of Spilled Water, Yesterday, a full cup was spilled right onto the DVD player during dinner. This upset Tommaso enough to pour the remainder of water over his brother’s head soon as I jumped up to get a towel to clean up the spill. I should have known what kind of mood Tommaso […]