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Posted on March 1, 2011


Dear Slippers in the Rain,

Bad move. I did not realize that it was raining THAT much until we got outside and we had “gone too far!” Tommaso and I finally got to spend some time together just him and I and I think that this 6-year-old finally likes me again. I let him finish his cartoons and then made him promise me that he would help me color all the english “flash-cards” that I created AND go over each one in Italian for me and then English for him. We colored and practices our languages for about 45-minutes, which is a long time for a two kids (myself included since I cannot hold still and lose interest just as fast as these boys!) The boys really are so smart and they make me so proud when they say anything in English. After, Tommaso and I went downstairs to the newspaper stand to buy the soccer stickers as a reward for our hard work. He and I huddled under Mickey’s huge umbrella (Yes, I still have it) and he led me (like the gentleman that he is becoming!) holding the massive umbrella over us both. Luckily, I am very short so a 6-year-old can hold an umbrella for me!! That sounds so much worse now that I have written it…By the time that we jumped over and into about 12 puddles and retrieved the stickers he told me “thank you, Lexie!” in English and we went back upstairs to the house. I was beaming that he thanked me and gave him a probably too tight squeeze!  Once back insideI had to take off my soaked slippers and we had to change his pants first thing! I changed out of my slippers and put on a dry pair of socks and brought him out some pants to dress him. No one can interrupt him when he has this soccer “book” and stickers in front of him…I could hold up candy, money and toys and nothing phases him. I tried. I change his pants while he lazily put each leg in his navy blue sweat pants. He is happy and I am relaxed that we were successful with practicing English and he thanked me without me telling him to! I am so proud!

The reason that Tommaso and I were alone together was because Matteo and T had to return to the doctor, an ear specialist, to figure out what to do next about his ear. He must stay home for another full week! He cannot return to school until NEXT Monday…four more mornings of “giocare con me??? (play with me) first thing in the AM. I should probably just wake up earlier so that I am READY and awake to play instead of just rolling out of bed but it is so hard to get moving in the morning. It isn’t like I have to “get ready” for work…I work from home! I didn’t even shower today I was in my pajamas until 3pm and when I finally changed I only changed my pants into leggings and put on a sports bra to exercise in my room (since the rain wouldn’t allow me outside!) I have it pretty easy at “work” but I would never say that my job is “easy!” These kids wear me out and I still take my daily drops of Rescue at least once a day…

At lunchtime Matteo told me that he was getting hungry so I asked him what he wanted. “Pasta!” he tells me. “Con??(with?)” I ask him. “Ahhh…sugo.” Ok I start to make some sauce. I have not made him sauce (or anyone here in Rome) sauce but I know that I can do it so I start to cook up the onion, celery and carrot in some water. I have taken notice that most cooking here is done in water; not oil. I add a little salt and oil once it starts to soften, unsure but confident. I take out some fresh tomato, a can of halved tomato and a jar of sauce already made. I am not positive which one/ones to use but luckily Nana is here to (lecture) tell me what to do or not to do for that matter. She pulls out the burger patties and (yells) tells me that is what we were supposed to eat for lunch NOT sugo! Ooops. Well I just did what the kid asked so oh well sorry Nana. I think that she told me not to put oil (that soon…) but I am not sure exactly. She then showed me, once the base (mirepoix) was ready she chopped up 4 fresh tomatoes and threw them in and placed the lid over til they created a “sauce” and then we added the jar of sauce and let it simmer for another 10 minutes before putting the pasta on. Success. Like I said before SHE NEVER eats with us so it was Matteo and I sharing pasta and watching Scooby-Do on the mini DVD player. She made us share one hamburger patty and offered me some salad so him and I ate that too. No bun just cooked medium rare in pan, a little salt then served with a couple drops of olive oil. Eat and shut up. I have never seen such a small kid eat salad like this! He eats it and likes it! Amazing. We finish lunch and finish Scooby-Do in Italian and continue to play dress up for the afternoon.

I helped feed Matteo his dinner while us three watched some Italian cartoon songs on the mini DVD player. Matteo must be really liking me today because even while eating his pasta dinner he wanted to kiss my cheek and hug on me. I cannot refuse this sweet offer, dirty face and all I let him press food into my cheek and love on me! After dinner S asked me what “pay up-front” meant. He had some case where in the contract it stated this term that he did not recognize. I explain to him that it means that you have to pay whatever the price is in the entirety before the service can be done. Depending what it pertained to it basically meant that whomever had to pay the full price before anything would happen. I love that I still get to teach them something once in while! They teach me something everyday yet I think I only explain things to them a few times a week, if that! It is nice to feel like I am needed is what it is.


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