Rice Balls and Gay Fennel

Posted on March 3, 2011


Dear Bubbles,

What is it about bubbles that children love so much? It makes them laugh from deep within and they can play for a straight twenty-minutes with no breaks. Matteo was very excited to go out to the balcony and blow bubbles with me. To catch them and then blow them away was the highlight of this bubble festival out on the balcony. It rained more throughout the rest of the day but that twenty minutes was beautiful when the sun decided to show up and participate with us. In the movie Knocked Up the dialogue between Ben and Pete is pretty true, “I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles!” says Pete and Ben replies, “That’s sad.” and then Pete says,”Totally sad. Their smiling faces just point out your inability to enjoy anything.” I think that I like shoes as much as Matteo likes bubbles but shoes cost a lot more and in the end they are just shoes. And they don’t make me laugh! Smiling is NOT the same as laughing!!

Today was the “festa” at my language school so in the morning T helped me to prepare a peach crostata. She pretty much made the dough, told me what to do and kissed Matteo goodbye! I can do this. These tarts are like a giant cookie smeared with a jar of jelly. Yum! Really easy to prepare and I believe that I was the only person to bring something that was home-made. Someone made a delicious Quiche type dish that I really enjoyed, there was also a cheese pizza, some chips, another cake and some chocolate cornetto. Someone brought some wine too but I stayed away from the “drinks” end of the large table since technically I was “on the clock” I only got to leave for lunch and had to return afterwards. We were still hungry after the party so me and two of my favorite girls from class went to get some good (cheap) pizza down the street. This pizza shop is alway packed but the pizza is always tasty and it is always different. You cannot go there with a type of pizza that you want since everyday it changes. The arancini di riso at this place are really, really, really tasty as well. They are medium-sized rice balls filled with cheese (and sometimes meat) then golden fried. Anything fried is good; just not always that good for you. We stood at the tiny counter and people watched through the window on the street as we enjoyed our lunch. I seem to always order pizza with zucchini when I see it. I prefer vegetables on my pizza versus carne. I was happy that the sky opened up again on a walk back down the street towards school. I sort of became in a hurry to get back since I had been gone for over an hour already. I said my goodbye and cut across the street to head home. Soon as I walked into the door T was home and told me that she had just texted me that I could stay out longer if I wanted since she was back early. I never check my phone! I call the girls to tell them I can catch up for another hour but they are already far away. One didn’t feel that well and the other wanted to study for their test tomorrow in class. I don’t really miss school but I do miss leaving the house at 9 am everyday. Thank God (or whomever) that tomorrow is Friday again! I head out the house to have some “me” time. I didn’t bring an umbrella, which was not smart, but I luckily had a hood. I had an hour of “freedom” with no umbrella and no money on me. I had to recharge my phone so that was the last of my cash in this purse. What do you do when you’re out of money and its raining but you don’t have to be home? I go to the supermercato. I love the store even if I have no intentions of buying anything. I just enjoy looking at all the foreign products and watching others buy strange stuff. I was looking at the liquor (which is in the same area as the produce) and realized that at this particular store you could get hammered drunk for really cheap! Tons of different flavored liquor and limoncello. Way too cheap=pure head pain. You cannot call it an ache; pain is a stronger word. For the same price of the pizza I just had I could have an entire bottle of booze. Sick. There was even tiny boxes of wine (probably no good but still I have never seen this kind of box!) it was like boxes of soup size. Or like Almond or soy milk? That kind of container. Ew. I also snapped a shot of the NOT refrigerated eggs to share…It began to rain after my supermercato adventure so I headed back and locked myself in my room until T had to leave again since I was on a “break.”

Today I did Matteo’s hair and we watched Horton Hears a Who in Italian. He did help me with the crostata earlier in the day and we played with the tiny Legos for a while. He was watching me fix my hair in the bathroom while I was just spraying it with some “water” so I sprayed his little face and head. He would laugh and then I began to style it…He checked himself out in the mirror, raised his eyebrows and flirted with his reflexion and demanded I take his photo! So I did…He is so damn cute!

During dinner I learned a bad word. It is the mean way to say that someone is gay. We were eating some “finnocchio” with lots of oil and lemon and I couldn’t remember the English word for this vegetable! I really am losing English words somewhere in the back of my mind. I could not remember the word so I went and got my little dictionary to look it up. Fennel. While T checks on the pasta from the kitchen she tells me that the Italian word for fennel is a bad slang word for gay. Finnocchio sounds like Pinnocchio…whom I was wondering about his sexuality a few days ago as a crossdresser..hmmmm. Who knows why but fennel tastes amazing raw.


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