Pranzo o Rossetto..what shall I buy??? (Lunch or Lipstick….)

Posted on March 4, 2011


Dear Alarm Clock,

I have stopped using this alarm since most mornings I get a wake-up shout out from one (or both) of the boys between 7am-7:45am. Who needs an alarm when most mornings I jump to the sounds of the boys playing, laughing, crying or shouting at the top of their little lungs? I am awake and then drift back into a half-sleep state until about 9am most days. Sometimes I get a light tap on my door from T making sure that I am up and moving. Or sometimes she just needs to get to the large drawers under my bed that store bed sheets and water (urine) proof covers for mattresses. Today was an unpleasant morning since Tommaso and his mom were fighting about something very early. I heard her telling him to eat his breakfast, which she brings to him to eat in his room at his desk/table, and this made him really angry and he began yelling at her and telling her off! He talks so fast (most of the time) so it’s difficult to understand him but he sure can yell! When it is first thing in the morning I am not really into trying to translate but I usually can just fall back asleep til the next outburst.

Once I opened my window and door T came to let me know that her mother was on her way and that I could “go out” for the day if I wanted. It wasn’t that nice of a day but the chance to get out was a thrill! I threw on my comfortable Pumas and packed my purse with water, an umbrella and my iPod to keep me entertained. It was raining lightly but I didn’t care I was going to be outside no matter what. I had my prima colazione, which was a caffe, fruit, yogurt and tiny piece of the peach crostata. I love having “dessert” in the morning! The “guilt” has passed and I don’t care anymore..finally!

I was out the door before 11am and decided to head back to Trastevere to check it out during the daytime. I went last weekend during the night and realized that it was not that far of a walk. Not much is open during the day since the area is known for its “night-life.” I began to get hungry for lunch around 1:30 but nothing looked that great and I don’t prefer to eat alone in restaurants since it is expensive. A tasty plate of pasta for 10 euros? I would rather eat at home for free! This was a guarantee once I shopped. I found a nice “department” store that also had a “perfumeria” inside with all kinds of make-up and pharmacy type items. I was checking out a fashion magazine earlier this week and found some lip tint made by MaxFactor that I have been searching for and this place had it! I was so excited to try it but I was not excited about the price: 13,90! That is expensive for a “pen” for your face. I tried it on then walked around the store to see how long it lasted. I knew that I wouldn’t find it again so I caved and threw down my 50 for it. The price of pasta and a glass of wine….damnit. On the way home I found a new black jacket for a steal! 5 euro! Obviously not made in Italy but I really wanted a black jacket and I liked it enough for a few coins. I didn’t have to be home until 4 but by 2 I was really hungry and didn’t really have much else to do. I made it home by 2:30 and was really starving by then. I put on some pasta and finished the sugo from the other day. While the pasta cooked I had some cici beans and fresh tomato and read my book in the kitchen. Matteo was happy that I came home but I was actually tired from my walk in the rain and just wanted to eat and be alone just a little longer. I walked for almost 4 straight hours so I didn’t find it necessary to do a “work-out” at home. I relaxed until T went to get Tommaso from school at 3:30. Matteo and I played with his animals and laughed like usual. I think my best game is to organize his toys since I don’t like to make wild animal noises and crashing sounds with the cars! It is a boy thing and I just feel silly doing it. I would rather yell, “crash!” then make the sound of a terrible accident! I feed the kids their afternoon merenda (snack) and we watch a new Magic English about “everyday life” and “the city” once Tommaso gets home. After a panino and some puff chips Tommaso tells me that he is “still hungry” (in English!) so I offer him some fruit. He tells me a kiwi is enough. “And water please,” he tells me on my way out the room. I smile to the kitchen and nod at T when she praises him for speaking in English. “Thank you, Lexie!” he tells me when I return. “You are welcome! Prego!” I tell him and give his hair a little ruffle. My boys are so great when they are not yelling and fighting! We finish the film and they start kicking the world around until T yells after it hits the chandelier. Again.

I could hear Tommaso yelling and  becoming upset about an assignment for school. Before Matteo and I began playing he ran into my room to tell me that his brother was being bad! “Tommaso e cattivo!” he tells me under his breath and points down the hall. “D’accordo..” (agreed) I reply. I asked Matteo what was up with the yelling. I had a little Italian conversation with the little man and it went something like this, “Matteo, perche Tommaso sempre urlare??”(why is Tommaso always yelling?) “Lui e arrabiato! Sempre!”(he is angry! Always!) he tells me. “Perche arrabiato??” “Non gli piace compiti! Tommaso urla anche Papa…”(he doesn’t like his homework! Tommaso also yells at Dad) “Lo so…va bene. Che gioco giochiamo?” (I know..ok. What game should we play) I say to him to change the conversation. While Tommaso finished his homework (and yelled at his mother) Matteo and I played with a mini park set in his room. The kid is too young to be so “angry” right? I like to practice Italian with Matteo. He corrects me and he really is a good teacher!

By the time it is close to dinner T’s mother comes by the help put the children to bed since T and S had a dinner date and an Art venue to check out. Lucky them! I would love to see an art show while I am here. Nana finally brought me her hair color mixing bowl and brush so that I can “fix” my hair! I knew that this weekend the entire family would be home so I took advantage of the quiet time and the fact that Nana was helping put them to bed. I locked myself in my salon (bathroom) and prepared my station. I realized that I had to gloves and T told me that it was fine if I used the dishwashing yellow rubber gloves and just tossed them when I was finished. It would have to do. I get my scissors and lay out my combs and put music on my computer in between talking to my “hair-coloring coach”…aka…my mother Sally! I mix my color and do one foil with the gloves. This is not safe! I take them off and risk getting color on my hands. Success! I was really careful and didn’t make a mess of the bathroom or my hands! I let it process and call my mom to show off my foils via Skype. She assures me that I can trim it myself and then I should deep-condition it afterwards. Two hours later I am sitting with wet hair slathered in Redken Hair Butter. I am too tired to dry it or rinse it for that mattter so I make the executive decision to sleep on it (literally) and rinse it tomorrow and straighten it to scrutinize my work. So far I am pretty impressed with my color touch up! Another way to not spend money..doing my own hair. I do my own hair, nails, toes and eyebrows finally. Thanks mom for showing me how and giving me the confidence to go through with it! After I finish my hair tomorrow I will share the results…

Mrs. Right

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